Photos and Food

Yesterday was a beautiful Saturday in Austin. I spent the afternoon helping my friend Jessica–who makes beautifully hand-made baby quilts–take photos of her blankets by supplying the “models”. Beth did a great job shooting the quilts (and she makes amazing hand-made laptop leather bags too)! Then Charles and I walked the kids to Auditorium Shores for the Gypsy Picnic. I can’t wait to go next year! Charles had is wisdom teeth pulled last Thursday so he couldn’t eat a thing. I only had $5 on me so next year we’ll be better prepared. I tried the catfish tacos from Lee’s Hurricane Party. They were pretty good. I couldn’t really taste the crawfish but the spices were amazing. They were hot! I have to admit, it was an exhausting afternoon but well worth the sweat.

Here’s some photos.

2 Responses to “Photos and Food”
  1. Great post Kenzie, thanks for featuring my quilts! I had fun taking photos with all of you and thanks for helping me with this project. I am excited to get those posted on my Etsy site soon.
    I will have to get to the Gypsy Picnic next year; it was just such a tiring Saturday this time. I picked up some Torchy’s and went home to put on my pajamas and have a beer.

  2. Joseph says:

    Good looking gift ideas for the holidays. Megan’s mother really likes home made items like these. I will have to pass the websites on to her!

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