Friday Fun Spot: Hudson Pulling Some Walsh Attitude

Walsh Attitude

I think the title says it all. The question is, “Does Hudson get it from Mommy or Aunt Courtney?” Charles about lost it when he saw this (18 sec marker). I think he’s a little concerned about his son’s new ‘attitude’. I of course think it’s super adorable. Advertisements

Merry Christmas to You!

A Santa Sitting

I just couldn’t do cards this year. Instead, I’m wishing all my family and friends a very Merrry Christmas and Happy New Year virtually. I expect this tradition will likely continue. And to all of you who’ve been supportive this year (you know who you are), thank you so much for helping make this a … Continue reading

Top 10 Things All New Parents Should Know

Sweet Baby James

This post is dedicated to our good friends and their new born son who was born today. Welcome to the world James! – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Why did my parents not tell me these things? Why … Continue reading

Friday Fun Spot: Santa Time

Santa Time

This is a bit long but adorable. Santa is known as the statue in our living room that lights up, doesn’t move, and plays really loud and annoying Christmas tunes. I love it because I remember playing with it as a child AND because my children seem to love it. Ellisa can’t get enough dance … Continue reading

15 Months Old!

Purma Twins at 15 Months

The twins went in for their 15 month check-up last week, 2 days after their 15 months (but who’s counting?). I’m feeling so-so about it when I really should be happy. Why is it I just can’t seem to be satisfied? Maybe it’s because I hate being reminded that my little girl is behind developmentally. Maybe … Continue reading

Friday Fun Spot: Cute Twin Moment

Twin Moment

I have to be honest, I have no time for this. I’m too busy with Christmas stuff. Here’s some old footage of a cute twin moment caught on film. They’re 11 months old here. It’s definitely still worthy of a Friday Fun Spot.

Friday Fun Spot: A Girl and Her Cigar

A Girl and Her Cigar

When Charles’ friend came over to teach him how to cook Indian food, they brought home a bag of cinnamon sticks for one of the dishes. And whatdoyaknow? Both kids love gnawing on cinnammon sticks. We call them baby cigars over here because it totally looks like they’re smoking a fat one. Here’s some funny … Continue reading

Managing Twins: 6-9 months

Napping with Daddy

I started writing this months ago and finally finished. I should have posted this 6 months ago. I apologize. What is it with my last two posts being way off date? – – – – – – – – – – – – This was my biggest period of not knowing what to do. By … Continue reading

Thanksgiving Wrap-Up

Hudson Gnawing on a Turkey Bone

I know I know, Thanksgiving was over a week ago, but I have to say how this year was great! Probably the best ever since I had both my babies with me for the first time. After three days of family fun in Sun City, Georgetown, TX we came home to a week of sickness. Yuk. Now … Continue reading

Friday Fun Spot: Somersault Time


I’m sure everyone is on the edge of their seats anxiously awaiting this… Charles taught Hudson how to prepare for a somersault weeks ago. Ellisa caught on two weeks later if not earlier. Now, when you say, “Somersault!”, they both drop to the floor and get in their somersault positions. It’s pretty adorable. I love … Continue reading