Friday Fun Spot (on Sunday): Hudson Reading

Hudson Keeping Up on the Local Food Scene

I was super busy Friday with a morning trip to Texas State University’s PT department and an afternoon in Sun City supporting my dad in a pickleball tournament. Needless to say, I forgot to post a Friday Fun Spot. It just dawned on me that I didn’t! So, with further delay, here it is. I … Continue reading

A Full Friday: PT and Pickleball

TX State Visit

Friday was a crazy busy day. It started out with a morning trip to Texas State University’s physical therapy department. Ellisa’s ex-PT asked if we would come in for her students to evaluate. I of course said yes. Anything I can do to persuade a student to go into pediatric physical therapy, I’ll do. Plus, … Continue reading

Titan: First Life Aquatic

Titan-First Life Aquatic

Hudson is obsessed with fish lately. He calls everything a fish. He constantly wants to see fish on the “pad” (aka iPad), he talks about fish, asks about fish and practically repeats the word “fish” over and over in his sleep. So Charles decided to pick up a Beta fish from the pet store today (and … Continue reading

A Gorgeous Austin Afternoon!

A Perfect Austin Afternoon

The weather Saturday afternoon was amazing. It reminded me of our time spent in Santa Barbara. Oh how we miss the beach! Courtney, Charles, the kids, and I headed to Butler Park for an afternoon of relaxation. We wore our swimsuits but the kids won’t play in the water fountains. They’re warming up to it but … Continue reading

Friday Fun Spot: Nonstop “Farting”

Non-stop Farting

Charles walked in on the kids making farting sounds and actually captured it! I had no idea as you can hear and see. I thought it was hilarious how long they went back and forth making sounds. They used to make the sound when one or the other would fart, but now they actually say “toot.” … Continue reading

VP Shunt Malfunction #1

Ellisa's First Shunt Revision

Well, it was inevitable. I just thought it wouldn’t happen so soon. I guess I should be lucky it didn’t happen sooner. Here’s what happened. – – – – – – – – – – – – Monday Morning, April 2nd: First sign of something being wrong Ellisa seemed a bit irritable that night. Waking … Continue reading

Annual Lone Star Rod and Kustom Roundup

Lone Star Rod and Kustom Roundup 2012

I’m not sure why we love going down to South Congress to check out the Lone Star Rod and Kustom Roundup every year. Maybe it’s because Hudson is named after a classic car. Maybe it’s because the cars are so cool we envy the people that drive them. I think it’s all of the above … Continue reading

Friday Fun Spot: Bubbles!


All kids like bubbles. Mine are particularly fond of them right now. I love how they both squeal from bubble excitement. You can tell they get each other going too. Pay attention to the signs (more, please) and words (bubble, more, pop, please, go) they are using in this video around 1:22 minutes. I especially … Continue reading

Guest Blogger #1: Grandpa Walsh, April 2012

Guest blogging is the act of writing for another blog with the hope of getting quality backlinks, getting traffic, gaining exposure and building relationships. My father doesn’t expect to get any of these things, nor can he since he doesn’t blog himself. So let me, for the sake of definition, redefine guest blogging on pforpeanuts. A … Continue reading

Easter 2012

Easter 2012

I was trying to remember what we did last year for the twins first Easter and when I reread the blog entry Easter 2011, I was shocked to read that we did almost the exact same thing this Easter. We started off the day with some pickleball in Little Stacey Park. Courtney, Jess, Grandpa Walsh, … Continue reading