Friday Fun Spot: Favorite Musicians

Favorite Musicians at 22 months

What can I say? My kids like Elvis and Iggy Pop. I like how they finish each other’s answers. Advertisements

Free Fun: 4th of July Decorations

Free Fun: 4th of July Decorations

Before July is over with, I should post this. Yeah, I should have posted it before the 4th but I didn’t even do this until the morning of and I’m just now getting to the post. To be fair, this craft isn’t totally free if you don’t already have the supplies. If you keep anything … Continue reading

Friday Fun Spot: Ho-Ho-Ho

Singing Ho-Ho-Ho

This is the first song I got both Hudson and Ellisa to help sing. Grandma GJ started singing it during her weekly visits and it suddenly stuck one day. We’ve all been singing it ever since. I especially like how they associate it with Grandma. If I ever start singing it, they say questionably, “Grandma?” … Continue reading

Grandma GJ and Gran-T: G’s We’re Thankful For

Gran-T and the Peanuts

Around 18 months I succumbed to the reality that I–a mom of twins–needed some alone time. I asked my mom and Grant if they would be willing to come every other Monday to watch the kids  all morning (the alternate weeks my dad and Mary Ann come) so I could have some time to get my … Continue reading

Kiddie Acres

Without writing a long review about Kiddie Acres, let me just say, we had a blast there this morning! It’s kind of a hole-in-the-wall but fits Austin’s style perfectly. After walking in I thought it was too small but it’s actually the perfect size for kids between 2-3 yrs. We rode every ride but the … Continue reading

Friday Fun Spot: For the Love of Bots

At some point Charles found a video on youtube of a robot name Nao. It was their first introduction to videos and robots. Ever since then, they’ve been hooked on both. So when Charles went to Anna’s Toy Depot (our favorite toy store) to get them a gift, he couldn’t resist the robot he found … Continue reading

The 5 S’s of Summer

Hudson Enjoying the Pool

I’m writing this as it’s raining outside. Go figure. I had the most wonderful morning with the kids. We started with our regular Wednesday Eggy Weggys and then off to the park. We played for almost 2 hours and the kids even had whole cashews for the first time. A new favorite. They were so good at … Continue reading

The Wonderful World of Hydrocephalus: Part 5, Shunt Malfunctions

John Holter, Wife, and Son

Shall we start with a wee-bit of history. It’s just so interesting. To be brief, a guy had a son. The son was born with hydrocephalus. The father was an engineer and invented the shunt in order to save his son’s life. Unfortunately, his son passed away before they “perfected” the shunt. But his passion to … Continue reading

4th of July, 2012

4th of July, 2012

Without going into too much detail, this 4th was pretty wonderful. To sum it up: We stayed home, took the morning easy picking up the house and making 4th of July decorations with the kids. After naps, we headed out to the pool for some swimming fun, grilled brats for dinner, played with some toddler-like … Continue reading

Friday Fun Spot: 4th of July Fireworks

4th of July Poppers

We did minimal fireworks with the kids this year: snap poppers, sparklers, and tanks. Actually, Hudson and his buddy Baylor did snap poppers with Charles and that was about it. Ellisa wasn’t interested. She preferred going in and out of the house. Charles tried to get Hudson and Ellisa to do–or at least watch–the sparklers … Continue reading