Friday Fun Spot: Austin Zoo

Austin Zoo 2012

We went to the zoo for the first time with the kids last Sunday. They weren’t near as interested in the animals as I was hoping for, but regardless, we all had a great time. Ellisa spent most of her morning hanging out in the wagon (She loves it!) or walking up and down steps … Continue reading

Ellisa’s Doctor Visits: 18 Months

Ellisa's 18 Month Check-ups

I thought I would  go ahead and simply make one post that goes over all the doctors that Ellisa saw for her 1.5 year check-ups vs doing a post on each visit. Thankfully, there’s nothing too complicated to report or too many doctor’s that she had to see. Here’s a summary of each visit. Dr. … Continue reading

Walsh Cousins Reunite!

Shellie, Mackenzie, Jodi, and Our Kids

The first weekend of Spring Break, Charles and I took the kids for their first weekend get-away to Houston, TX. We went to visit my cousins Shelley, Jodi, and their families. I’m so glad I made the trek since it was a ton of fun to see everyone again. I was 1.5 years since I … Continue reading

Friday Fun Spot: Dinner Laughter

Dinner Laughter

If you don’t have enough screaming, shrieking, and smiles during your meal time, take a load of this. Enjoy!

St Patty’s Day: 2012

St. Patty's Day Artwork

This St. Patty’s Day was all over the place! I was at SXSW but my dad had the kids and celebrated with them in style. Luck of the Irish for them. 3/14: I celebrated St. Patty’s Day with the kids by doing their first official art work. I had high hopes they would love finger … Continue reading

SXSW Wrap-up 2012

SXSWmusic: We Made It

Yes, Charles and I went to SXSW unofficial this year. It was the first time I’ve been away from the kids for more than eight hours (not including NICU). I thought I would miss them a lot more than I did. But to be honest, I thoroughly enjoyed the break. So much that I hope … Continue reading

Friday Fun Spot: Kenlie’s Joke of the Week

We had so much fun last weekend with my cousins and their families, I thought I would make this week’s Friday Fun Spot from some footage shot with them. This clip is of McKenlie, Shellie’s daughter, talking about hummus. Subtitles: The next joke of the week is: Hummus? Did somebody say hummus? Hummus! What is … Continue reading

18 Months Old!

Horse Play

I’m sad to report that I no longer have babies. I have toddlers! Where did my babies go? And yes, I’ve soaked up all the baby love I can get–knowing it only lasts so long–but my babies are already gone? I have to admit, this toddler thing is even better than the baby stage. I … Continue reading

Managing Twins: 9-12 months

Fun at the Pool

I drafted this post long ago after the kids had their first birthday. I kept hold of it knowing there was more I wanted to add. I finally got around to finishing it up, and with the twin’s 1.5 years coming up tomorrow, I thought now was a good time to publish it. – – … Continue reading

Friday Fun Spot: Hudson Talks, Hudson Hugs

Hudson Hugs

Hudson’s first word was “Shoe” about a month ago. He’s since multiplied his vocabulary and signs at a speed I wasn’t expecting. Here’s some footage of me trying to get him to say some of his new words. You can tell he’s not into this game. The cute part comes at the end when he … Continue reading