A Day Filled with Emotions

Hudson's first steps

Yesterday was quite a day. Ellisa and I had an appointment with the Pediatrician in the morning. We went in for a weight check since she’s been having a hard time taking her bottle. I swore she had gained weight since she was looking fatter to me, but unfortunately she had only gained 2 oz. in … Continue reading

A Purma Visit: Grandma Purma, Aunt Anna, and Cousin Martin

Hudson and cousin Martin

Last week the Purma’s came to visit. We got to spend some quality time with Grandma Vicki, Aunt Anna, and the twin’s cousin Martin. It was a blast. We spent most of our time either eating or playing at the pool. Of course that’s all in between taking care of the babies. Of course Grandma … Continue reading

Hudson’s Gotta-Love-It-Laugh

Rubber Duckie

Hudson will laugh at the most random things even when you’re not meaning to be funny. I absolutely LOVE these moments of laughter, often wondering “If I were a baby, would I find that funny?” Here’s a great example caught on video. Background: I was playing with Hudson and his latest favorite toy: rubber duckie. … Continue reading

10 months Today!

Hudson and Ellisa Stare Off

I feel like I just wrote the 9 month post. But here we are at 10 months already. What’s new? A lot. This month the twins have begun to take a liking to each other. They’ve always noticed each other around but I think they used to see each other as toys. Now they’re really … Continue reading

An Uchiko Outing

Uchiko Outing

I can’t remember the last time Charles and I had dinner alone. Could it really be over 10 months ago? I’m sure not but gosh, I can’t remember the last time we ate alone. Regardless, my sister Courtney offered to watch the twins tonight and we took her up on it. Boy was it nice … Continue reading

Adventures in Food: Choose Your Own Adventure, Season Finale

Adventures In Food: Season Finale

This week on “Adventures in Food”… …See what crazy things the twins do while trying new foods. Ellisa loves making sounds. How cute. Hudson is drinking? Or at least he’s trying. There’s many foods the twins still need to explore. And Adventures in Food needs your help deciding which new foods they should try next. The … Continue reading

4th of July, 2011

Ellisa and Hudson on the 4th

The drought in Texas this year forced the City of Austin to cancel this year’s fireworks display. Plus the selling, and of course shooting off, of fireworks was banned. It really doesn’t seem like the 4th of July without fireworks. We tried to celebrate in style anyways. We went for a lovely walk this morning … Continue reading

Adventures in Food: Plums and Garbanzo Beans

Adventures In Food: Plums and Garbanzo Beans

This week on “Adventures in Food”… …One twin likes plums, the other not. Which one will it be? The answer may surprise you. And garbanzo beans: a food or a toy? The decision is yours. As the twins get older, new foods are being explored almost daily. Can Adventures in Food keep up with the … Continue reading