Pumpkins, Peanuts, and Pickleball: A Perfect Purma Halloween

A Purma Halloween, 2011

This was the best Halloween weekend I can remember. My babies were both home, healthy, and in good spirits. I’m a happy mom! Why am I so grateful for a good Halloween? Last year was the twin’s first official Halloween, although I think of this year as their first since Ellisa wasn’t home from NICU … Continue reading

Dirty Talk

Dirty Hudson

I think it’s time this blog got a little exciting. It’s time to talk dirty. Literally. Now I’m about to discuss something that all parents chat to each other about daily. Yes parents, you guessed right. Let’s talk SHIT. – – – – – – – – – – – – WARNING: If you’re eating … Continue reading

Photos and Food

Gypsy Picnic

Yesterday was a beautiful Saturday in Austin. I spent the afternoon helping my friend Jessica–who makes beautifully hand-made baby quilts–take photos of her blankets by supplying the “models”. Beth did a great job shooting the quilts (and she makes amazing hand-made laptop leather bags too)! Then Charles and I walked the kids to Auditorium Shores … Continue reading

First Year Developmental Assessment

One Year Development Testing

We just came home from the high-risk pediatric clinic at Austin First Steps and I thought I would share my thoughts and the twin’s results. This was an appointment I was excited to go to yet dreading to hear the results from. This clinic tracks everything based on the child’s corrected age. Something that I’ve … Continue reading

Twins First Grocery Store Visit

Grocery store trip

Having twins is like being a lefty (left-handed). Everyone knows they exist but nothing is made with them in mind. One mom, one grocery cart, two babies. Doesn’t really work. I know some carts are made for two, and I will eventually venture out to find those, but for now I’ll stick with the help … Continue reading

Fall is here. Kinda.

So, I don’t have the energy to do the post I really wanted to do today, so instead I thought I would sum up an almost perfect “Fall” weekend (Fall is in quotes because the high is still in the lower 90’s). Friday night Charles, the kids, and I had a mini-picnic outside the condo … Continue reading

NICU Reunion: North Austin Medical Center

North Austin Medical Center

I was excited when a nurse called me two weeks ago to tell me about the NICU reunion where the twins were born. I wanted to see some of the nurses and especially visit with Ellisa’s primary doctor, Dr. Wheatley, who is the person responsible for saving Ellisa’s life. We got back a couple hours … Continue reading

Zombies invaded our home!

Okay, not really. But the other weekend our good friend, Gabe, came over so I could help him with the artwork for his new ebook. Yes, he wrote an ebook, Zombies Ate My Film Fest, in less than a month. I’m so impressed. I’m still in the middle of reading it–finding time to read with … Continue reading

The consequences of Listeria

Ellisa Purma

In light of the current outbreak of Listeria from cantaloupe in Colorado, I thought I would do a quick reach out to the families dealing with this horrible and unavoidable bacteria. And I stress unavoidable. When myself and my less-than-24-hour-old daughter were diagnosed with Listeria, I didn’t know a thing about it. I quickly learned … Continue reading