Friday Fun Spot: Hudson Feeding Ellisa

Hudson Feeding Ellisa

Hudson knows exactly what I’m asking him to do, but he chooses to feed himself instead. I love it! Especially when he shares his chewed up food with Ellisa. As you can see, I have no issues with germs–sharing food and taking food off the floor. I know it’s gross but it’s too much work … Continue reading

The Wonderful World of Hydrocephalus: Part 4, How Shunts Work

How Shunts Work

Shunts. One of two ways to control hydrocephalus and the most common. – – – – – – – – – – – – The quick version. A flexible 1/8″ in diameter tube (ventricular catheter)–usually made of Silastic plastic well tolerated by body tissue–is placed into the CSF system via the ventricles, and diverts the flow of … Continue reading

Free Fun: A Home-made Fort First

A Home-made Fort First

In the last month, the kids have brought me blankets saying “tent.” I was putting my legs up in the air, or on the couch, and creating a mini-tent for 2 minutes at a time while they poked their heads in and laughed. It was time to give them a real home-made fort. Last weekend … Continue reading

Friday Fun Spot: Livin’ La Vida Pauly

Pauly Shore and Ricky Martin

Ellisa started saying “Whaaaaat?” one day. It really only lasted one day. Charles was brilliant by catching it on film. He started asking her funny questions just to hear her response of “Whaaaaat?” I apologize for any Ricky Martin or Pauly Shore fans. This was all in good humor. Charles taught the kids The Weasel, so … Continue reading

Oh, the Power of Two

Ellisa Watching Her Guardian Angel

I don’t think I’ve mentioned how fortunate and blessed I feel to have twins. Now’s as good a time as any. For one, can twins be any cuter? Watching them hug, kiss, and play together is the best. They ask where the other one is when the other one is not around, and they blame … Continue reading

Friday Fun Spot: Ring Around the Rosy

Ring Around the Rosy

The kids call it “ashes” (it took quite awhile for me to figure out why they kept saying “asses”) and they love playing it together or with anyone that will join in. It’s so cute to watch them grab each others hands. Hudson likes falling down as soon as the song starts and Ellisa likes … Continue reading

21 months old today!

21 Months Old!

So much is going on I’m not sure where to start. I know immediately after I post this, I’ll think of other stuff I left out. I guess that’s what happens from 18-21 months. A lot! – – – – – – – – – – – – I must apologize in advance for the … Continue reading

Friday Fun Spot: Ellisa Gets Quizzed

Ellisa Gets Quizzed

I’m always quizzing the kids. Here’a a snapshot of me quizzing Ellisa one night during dinner. The two doing “cheers” at the end is classic. They love doing “cheers” with each other and anyone else that will play along.

The Wonderful World of Hydrocephalus: Part 3, How Hydrocephalus Works

How Hydrocephalus Works

Let’s begin with your central nervous system. Your brain and spinal cord form your central nervous system. Your central nervous system protects your skull and vertebrae. Between the skull and vertebrae are membranes (meninges) that surround your brain and spinal cord. This space, the subarachnoid space, is where cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) flows. CSF is basically salt … Continue reading

Friday Fun Spot: Hudson Climbing

Hudson Climbing Couch

Hudson is all boy. He loves to climb. If I’m on the floor, I’m his playscape. If I’m not on the floor, he’ll traverse the furniture. Of course I think his gross motor skills are amazing, but I’m his momma. Early last month when I noticed it was a bit too quiet for comfort in … Continue reading