Top 10 Mommy-Musts: Necessities for the first year

IKEA high chairs and color-coded bowls with lids

When I was pregnant, I asked my friends who had kids, what items they couldn’t have lived without. Surprisingly, most seemed to forget. Hence my list. With the holiday season upon us, I thought this might be a good time to reveal my Top 10 Mommy-Musts. I hope this helps someone somewhere as I would … Continue reading

Friday Fun Spot: Baby Power

Baby Power

Ellisa loves to point right now. Since she points at everything during meals, I began pointing back at her, touching fingertips, and saying “Baby Power.” Both kids caught on. I love Charles’ art direction during the recording of these videos. His pointed finger in the foreground cracks me up! Especially when he uses it to … Continue reading

Say Goodbye to PT

Ellisa Walking

I love love love Ellisa’s physical therapist. She positive, upbeat, honest when needs to be, and best of all knows exactly what she is doing. Plus, she actually works and interacts with Ellisa. Can you imagine (sarcastic tone inserted here)? I got extremely lucky when Mary Elizabeth showed up for Ellisa’s first PT appointment back in December of … Continue reading

Motherhood: The First Year

Motherhood: The First Year

Since today is my birthday (Ah, I’m 35!), I thought I would celebrate it by writing about the lessons I’ve learned within the last year of being a first-time mom. My list is nothing novel–especially to those of you who are already parents–but personal teachings I want to remember. I’m sure there are a ton … Continue reading

Friday Fun Spot: Ellisa Mimicking Sounds

Is it Friday again already?! This is going to be more challenging than I thought. Hopefully I can make it to the new year without missing a Friday. This Friday Fun Spot is of Ellisa mimicking sounds. It’s short but sweet. I’m so proud of my little mimicker. This was taken back in early October. … Continue reading

Weaning Hudson off the Bottle

Hudson and his bottle

Hudson loved his bottle. Bot was is first unreal word. As soon as I would open the door to the nursery in the morning he would look at me, barely peeking over his crib, point to the bottle in my hand, and say “bot.” Nice to see you too, Hud. I thought weaning him would … Continue reading

Friday Fun Spot: Hudson’s in Love

Friday Fun Spot: Hudson's in Love

I’m sad to say that Hudson is not in love with me but rather Charles’ guitar. It’s super cute how much he wants to play with it and watch Charles play. It’s getting to the point where he throws a fit if he sees the guitar and can’t be near it. Here’s some cute footage … Continue reading

Ellisa’s Neurologist: Visit 2

Tuesday morning was Ellisa’s year check-in with Dr. Kane, her neurologist. He wasn’t reviewing any new MRIs nor was he examining her. It was merely a check-in, so I wasn’t expecting to hear anything new from him. However, I came armed with a slew of questions. And Dr. Kane patiently sat there answering every one of … Continue reading

Friday Fun Spot: Baby Laughter

Let’s try posting something quick and fun each Friday. For the first Friday of Friday Fun Spot, here’s a couple videos we recently took of Hudson cracking up at Ellisa. He finds her hilarious and we love watching him laugh. Happy Friday! I love how Ellisa tries to make Hudson laugh at the end of this … Continue reading