Managing Twins: The first two weeks, NICU

Hudson Sleeping Day 8

I started this blog after the peanuts were born and I haven’t yet had the chance to sit down to reflect. It seems appropriate to do it now as they will be turning one soon. Plus, I really need to get my experience down in writing before it’s forgotten. I’m already drawing a blank at … Continue reading

Ellisa goes “ubha ubha”

Ellisa goes "ubha ubha"

Here’s the latest video of Ellisa being adorable. Daddy taught her this today while I was at the grocery store. What a gift to come home to. She’s already trying to figure out how to do it on her own. Pretty smart little girl. Skip to the 15 second mark if you’re in a hurry. … Continue reading

11 months today!

Hud and Elle

One more month and they’re a year old. I can’t believe it. What has this month brought? Extra laughter. The twins have really become thinking little humans. And because of this, the whole family is laughing a lot more. They are reacting to things much more than ever and it sure makes life with them fun. … Continue reading

Watermelon Please

Watermelon Fun!

We first discovered that the twins LOVE watermelon when we took it out to the pool to help replenish the twin’s fluids in this Texas summer triple-digit heat. Then, Ellisa started having feeding issues a couple days ago–complete bottle aversion– and we thought we should try giving her watermelon to help her hydrate. Well, she … Continue reading