A Full Friday: PT and Pickleball

TX State Visit

Friday was a crazy busy day. It started out with a morning trip to Texas State University’s physical therapy department. Ellisa’s ex-PT asked if we would come in for her students to evaluate. I of course said yes. Anything I can do to persuade a student to go into pediatric physical therapy, I’ll do. Plus, … Continue reading

Titan: First Life Aquatic

Titan-First Life Aquatic

Hudson is obsessed with fish lately. He calls everything a fish. He constantly wants to see fish on the “pad” (aka iPad), he talks about fish, asks about fish and practically repeats the word “fish” over and over in his sleep. So Charles decided to pick up a Beta fish from the pet store today (and … Continue reading

Annual Lone Star Rod and Kustom Roundup

Lone Star Rod and Kustom Roundup 2012

I’m not sure why we love going down to South Congress to check out the Lone Star Rod and Kustom Roundup every year. Maybe it’s because Hudson is named after a classic car. Maybe it’s because the cars are so cool we envy the people that drive them. I think it’s all of the above … Continue reading

Friday Fun Spot: Austin Zoo

Austin Zoo 2012

We went to the zoo for the first time with the kids last Sunday. They weren’t near as interested in the animals as I was hoping for, but regardless, we all had a great time. Ellisa spent most of her morning hanging out in the wagon (She loves it!) or walking up and down steps … Continue reading

SXSW Wrap-up 2012

SXSWmusic: We Made It

Yes, Charles and I went to SXSW unofficial this year. It was the first time I’ve been away from the kids for more than eight hours (not including NICU). I thought I would miss them a lot more than I did. But to be honest, I thoroughly enjoyed the break. So much that I hope … Continue reading

A Preemie Play Date

Playing is Hard Work

First of all, thanks Michelle for hosting. Your house is gorgeous, your kids are gorgeous, and you have the best set up for a group as large as this one. Lunch was great and it was awfully generous of you to supply enough food for EVERYONE! We had a blast! All the kids seemed to … Continue reading

The Perfect Long Weekend

Hudson Flying Our Kite

Charles took off Monday so we had a long weekend with him. What a great daddy! We started things off right Friday with the Annual Cowboy Breakfast ringing in the Austin Rodeo. It was great this year. Not too crowded, plenty of food, music, and fun. We threw the kids in the wagon with their … Continue reading

The Walsh & Purma Twins Reunite

A Twin Birthday Celebration

Fraternal twins run in my family–at least they do now. My dad has a fraternal twin sister, Mary Jo. Other than that, I’m unaware of any other twins until me. Yeah me! My dad and Mary Jo were both born premature (it’s not clear how early but my grandmother thought around 4 weeks) and Hudson … Continue reading

Peanuts Play Dates

Buddies Max and Hud

Once the twins turned 1 year old, I’ve been trying to do two play dates a week with them. It’s good for me to get out and great for them to socialize outdoors. One play date is with my fellow twin moms and the other play date is with my fellow special needs families. I … Continue reading

Purmas Got a New Ride

The Family Car

I can’t tell you how happy I am to finally have a mommy car with comfy safe baby seats! Although I doesn’t really feel like a mommy car, it feels more like I’m going on an adventure each time I drive it. I guess in a way I am, and that’s a better feeling to … Continue reading