Ellisa: Cute Videos

Ellisa's First Solids

Here’s some funny and adorable videos to share of Ellisa. I hope these aren’t too boring. Of course, I love every minute of them and I’m sure she will too when she gets older. There’s some cute cameo’s of Hudson too. April was Ellisa’s first month of eating solids. You can tell she’s still trying … Continue reading

Easter 2011

Easter 2011

I’m not sure why I’ve always celebrated Easter really. Since I’m not religious, I guess it’s like most American Hallmark holidays: tradition. I’ve always thought of Easter as a good time to welcome in Spring and spend a day with family. Plus, who doesn’t like an excuse to eat Peeps. So here we are. Being it … Continue reading

Hudson’s Foot Lock on Ellisa

Tangled Baby Legs

I just have to share this moment when Hudson rolled over on his belly and landed with Ellisa’s head in between his legs. What’s funny is that Ellisa doesn’t really seem to mind her face being distorted by his feet. I hope she always tolerates Hudson’s antics as I foresee more in her near future. … Continue reading

7 months today!

Best buddies

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been over half a year since the twins were born. Boy does the time pass. Today was a great day. The twins got their 6th month assessment and both of them scored really well for their adjusted age and their prematurity. After our long morning at the doc’s, we came … Continue reading

Labor and Delivery

Hudson One Day Old

Wow, my labor and delivery experience was nothing like I expected. All the reading, classes, and shared stories from other moms were helpful in preparing me for a typical child birth scenario, but my experience was far from the norm. No one could have prepared me. I wish with all my heart that I enjoyed … Continue reading

Psychology Study at UT

Ellisa during the study

Yesterday I took the twins to The University of Texas at Austin for a research study about infant physiological responses to faces, objects, and music. The Study: They took each twin, one at a time, into a room where they sat on my lap, got a sensor net placed on their heads, and then showed … Continue reading

Babies First Lone Star Rod and Kustom Roundup

Harley Davidson Ellisa

The Lone Star Rod and Kustom Roundup is always worth a good walk down Congress Street. What better opportunity to dress up the twins in their Harley Davidson gear* and sport some Blue Q baby tatts*. We decided to take a long walk yesterday and check out all the rat rods and classic cars dragging … Continue reading

Fun with Hudson

Fun with Hudson

Gotta love a baby laugh. I haven’t been able to get him to laugh again doing this same thing, so it’s a good thing I recorded it. What a great laugh—just like his daddy’s.