Grandma GJ and Gran-T: G’s We’re Thankful For

Gran-T and the Peanuts

Around 18 months I succumbed to the reality that I–a mom of twins–needed some alone time. I asked my mom and Grant if they would be willing to come every other Monday to watch the kids  all morning (the alternate weeks my dad and Mary Ann come) so I could have some time to get my … Continue reading

Kiddie Acres

Without writing a long review about Kiddie Acres, let me just say, we had a blast there this morning! It’s kind of a hole-in-the-wall but fits Austin’s style perfectly. After walking in I thought it was too small but it’s actually the perfect size for kids between 2-3 yrs. We rode every ride but the … Continue reading

Friday Fun Spot: For the Love of Bots

At some point Charles found a video on youtube of a robot name Nao. It was their first introduction to videos and robots. Ever since then, they’ve been hooked on both. So when Charles went to Anna’s Toy Depot (our favorite toy store) to get them a gift, he couldn’t resist the robot he found … Continue reading

The 5 S’s of Summer

Hudson Enjoying the Pool

I’m writing this as it’s raining outside. Go figure. I had the most wonderful morning with the kids. We started with our regular Wednesday Eggy Weggys and then off to the park. We played for almost 2 hours and the kids even had whole cashews for the first time. A new favorite. They were so good at … Continue reading

Oh, the Power of Two

Ellisa Watching Her Guardian Angel

I don’t think I’ve mentioned how fortunate and blessed I feel to have twins. Now’s as good a time as any. For one, can twins be any cuter? Watching them hug, kiss, and play together is the best. They ask where the other one is when the other one is not around, and they blame … Continue reading

21 months old today!

21 Months Old!

So much is going on I’m not sure where to start. I know immediately after I post this, I’ll think of other stuff I left out. I guess that’s what happens from 18-21 months. A lot! – – – – – – – – – – – – I must apologize in advance for the … Continue reading

A Gorgeous Austin Afternoon!

A Perfect Austin Afternoon

The weather Saturday afternoon was amazing. It reminded me of our time spent in Santa Barbara. Oh how we miss the beach! Courtney, Charles, the kids, and I headed to Butler Park for an afternoon of relaxation. We wore our swimsuits but the kids won’t play in the water fountains. They’re warming up to it but … Continue reading

Friday Fun Spot: Bubbles!


All kids like bubbles. Mine are particularly fond of them right now. I love how they both squeal from bubble excitement. You can tell they get each other going too. Pay attention to the signs (more, please) and words (bubble, more, pop, please, go) they are using in this video around 1:22 minutes. I especially … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Courtney!!!

Hudson Helped Courtney Blow Out Her Birthday Candles

I’m not sure I could have survived the first year of the peanut’s lives if it wasn’t for my family. And my sister Courtney was, and still is, a huge part of my survival and their success. First of all, she moved to Austin from Las Vegas to be with her first-born niece and nephew. … Continue reading

Friday Fun Spot: Dinner Laughter

Dinner Laughter

If you don’t have enough screaming, shrieking, and smiles during your meal time, take a load of this. Enjoy!