Managing Twins: 3-6 months

Hud and Elle sleeping together

Okay, this is where the fun begins. Everyone is home from NICU, family is here ready to help, and we’ve got two demanding babies that need constant care. This was definitely the most difficult time during the first year due to the fact that both twins were home and still relatively young–meaning, lots of feedings … Continue reading

Old Chum the Lion

Chum at Home

Ellisa loves Old Chum the Lion. I discovered this within the first month of her being home when I put her down in her bassinet. Laying on her back looking up, a lion face from her mobile appeared. Looking down on her was an adorable little lion, smiling. As soon as she saw the lion’s … Continue reading

Hudson’s Foot Lock on Ellisa

Tangled Baby Legs

I just have to share this moment when Hudson rolled over on his belly and landed with Ellisa’s head in between his legs. What’s funny is that Ellisa doesn’t really seem to mind her face being distorted by his feet. I hope she always tolerates Hudson’s antics as I foresee more in her near future. … Continue reading

Fun with Hudson

Fun with Hudson

Gotta love a baby laugh. I haven’t been able to get him to laugh again doing this same thing, so it’s a good thing I recorded it. What a great laugh—just like his daddy’s.

Playing with Toes

Baby feet

Babies playing with their toes is about the cutest thing ever! Both Hudson and Ellisa found their feet the same week. Here’s to baby cuteness. May I always remember these moments.

Go Green!

Who doesn’t love St. Patrick’s Day? A holiday celebrated around the world. But let’s be honest, it’s just another excuse for fish and chips, guzzling down a glass of Guinness and sporting some green. I’m all for it. And I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love to wear green. Wink. Regardless, I thought this would … Continue reading

6 months today!

6 months old!

Today is the twins 6 month birthday and I am happy to report that they are doing really well. I’m looking forward to the next 6 months when I’ll hopefully get to see them crawl, walk and maybe even start to talk. They are both getting so big so fast it’s scary. I can already … Continue reading

Devil and Angel

Devil and Angel

We’re 2 days shy of 6 months and I think I’m beginning to see personality traits sticking. The Devil: Now let me start by saying that Hudson is adorable, melts my heart daily, and one of the three best joys in my life. However, he can unleash a cry/scream (grandpa Walsh coined it a scry) … Continue reading