Grandma GJ and Gran-T: G’s We’re Thankful For

Gran-T and the Peanuts

Around 18 months I succumbed to the reality that I–a mom of twins–needed some alone time. I asked my mom and Grant if they would be willing to come every other Monday to watch the kids  all morning (the alternate weeks my dad and Mary Ann come) so I could have some time to get my … Continue reading

Oh, the Power of Two

Ellisa Watching Her Guardian Angel

I don’t think I’ve mentioned how fortunate and blessed I feel to have twins. Now’s as good a time as any. For one, can twins be any cuter? Watching them hug, kiss, and play together is the best. They ask where the other one is when the other one is not around, and they blame … Continue reading

18 Months Old!

Horse Play

I’m sad to report that I no longer have babies. I have toddlers! Where did my babies go? And yes, I’ve soaked up all the baby love I can get–knowing it only lasts so long–but my babies are already gone? I have to admit, this toddler thing is even better than the baby stage. I … Continue reading

Friday Fun Spot: Hudson Talks, Hudson Hugs

Hudson Hugs

Hudson’s first word was “Shoe” about a month ago. He’s since multiplied his vocabulary and signs at a speed I wasn’t expecting. Here’s some footage of me trying to get him to say some of his new words. You can tell he’s not into this game. The cute part comes at the end when he … Continue reading

Managing Twins: 6-9 months

Napping with Daddy

I started writing this months ago and finally finished. I should have posted this 6 months ago. I apologize. What is it with my last two posts being way off date? – – – – – – – – – – – – This was my biggest period of not knowing what to do. By … Continue reading

12 months today!

It’s been a year and I’m happy to say we made it! Actually, it’s been a year and one day, but who’s counting. This has definitely been the best month by far. Since the twins are both more aware of their surroundings, they have been much more fun this last month. It’s like they’re real … Continue reading

The “Peanuts” First Birthday Party Wrap-up

Twins First Birthday!

Okay, I’m gonna make this short as no one wants to read a bunch of babble about the twins first birthday party. What every one really wants is to look at photos. To sum it up: I believe a great time was had by all and it couldn’t have been more of a success in … Continue reading

Managing Twins: 3-6 months

Hud and Elle sleeping together

Okay, this is where the fun begins. Everyone is home from NICU, family is here ready to help, and we’ve got two demanding babies that need constant care. This was definitely the most difficult time during the first year due to the fact that both twins were home and still relatively young–meaning, lots of feedings … Continue reading

Managing Twins Apart: 0-3 months

Mommy visiting Ellisa

The first three months. Gosh. They were hard, no doubt. But sometimes I wonder if they were easier for me vs. a mom with completely healthy twins. I’m not at all suggesting I’m glad I had it the way I did, as I would prefer it to have been 10 times more difficult if it … Continue reading

Managing Twins: The first two weeks, NICU

Hudson Sleeping Day 8

I started this blog after the peanuts were born and I haven’t yet had the chance to sit down to reflect. It seems appropriate to do it now as they will be turning one soon. Plus, I really need to get my experience down in writing before it’s forgotten. I’m already drawing a blank at … Continue reading