Old Chum the Lion

Chum at Home

Ellisa loves Old Chum the Lion. I discovered this within the first month of her being home when I put her down in her bassinet. Laying on her back looking up, a lion face from her mobile appeared. Looking down on her was an adorable little lion, smiling. As soon as she saw the lion’s … Continue reading

Adventures in Food: Peaches and Carrots

This week on “Adventures in Food”… …Ellisa realizes she prefers solids over milk–any solid will do–and Hudson finds the rabbit within. But how does Hudson react to peaches? Visit us next week when we try sweet potatoes and blueberries. Peaches and Carrots: Well, Ellisa seems to find almost every food worthy of eating. She still gags … Continue reading

Ellisa’s Neurologist

Ellisa Playing on her Belly

Ellisa and I went to visit the neurologist the Monday before last. Since I’ve been anxiously waiting for this appointment for over 5 months now, I thought I would share what the Doctor said about Ellisa’s current state. All signs show that Ellisa is doing really well. She doesn’t appear to have CP (cerebral palsy), and … Continue reading

A great weekend: Pools, parties, and lotsa babies!

Fun at the pool

Last Friday evening Charles and I took the babies out to the pool for the first time. They both seemed to like it. Watching them experience things for the first time is incredible. I’m not sure why it’s so much fun, but it is. Hudson was a bit apprehensive at first–just taking it all in–but … Continue reading

8 months today (actually two days ago)!

Ellisa's foot on Hudson

Another month has whizzed by. This past month has been great. Both babies are sleeping 10-12 hours at night, napping close to 4 hours a day (not always at the same time unfortunately), and eating solids twice a day. Hudson has taken off–literally. That is, taken off across the room and taken off with his … Continue reading

Adventures in Food: Peas and Pears

Adventures in Food: Peas Peaches

This week on “Adventures in Food”… …Hudson tastes his worst food yet: peas. While Ellisa discovers that she loves fruit. But what does she think of her brother’s least favorite food? Stay tuned next week to find out if the twins like peaches and carrots! Peas and Pears: So the jury’s out: Hudson hates all food … Continue reading

Hudson: Cute Videos

Hudson Laughing

Hudson loves to laugh. Mommy loves video recording Hudson laughing. Hence, videos of Hudson laughing. What a smile this boy has! Just like his daddy. Enjoy! BTW: This video is the best of the three. You’ll get the most laughs and cuteness out of this one. It takes Hud a second to warm up, but it’s … Continue reading

Adventures in Food: Avocados and Bananas

Adventures in Foods: Avocados and Bananas

This week on “Adventures in Food”… …Hudson tries avocados and dramatically shows his displeasure of them. Ellisa reacts indifferently, not quite sure what to think. Stay tuned next week when we discover how the twins react to pears and peas! Avocados and Bananas: About a month ago the twins both started with cereals; rice, oatmeal, and barley. … Continue reading