Friday Fun Spot: Ho-Ho-Ho

Singing Ho-Ho-Ho

This is the first song I got both Hudson and Ellisa to help sing. Grandma GJ started singing it during her weekly visits and it suddenly stuck one day. We’ve all been singing it ever since. I especially like how they associate it with Grandma. If I ever start singing it, they say questionably, “Grandma?” … Continue reading

Friday Fun Spot: Hudson Climbing

Hudson Climbing Couch

Hudson is all boy. He loves to climb. If I’m on the floor, I’m his playscape. If I’m not on the floor, he’ll traverse the furniture. Of course I think his gross motor skills are amazing, but I’m his momma. Early last month when I noticed it was a bit too quiet for comfort in … Continue reading

Hudson’s First Words

Hudson: At a Loss for Words.

I’ve given up tracking words. Hudson’s saying so many these days, I just can’t do it anymore. Once he said “Cash” for Johnny Cash, I figured he was way beyond my documentation. So without further adieu, here’s the list in all its glory. I hope he enjoys looking at this one day when he’s older … Continue reading

Friday Fun Spot: Hudson Jumps

Hudson Jumps

I never knew how funny it would be when my kids began to try to jump. It’s hilarious! You can tell in this video how Hudson thinks he’s jumping but all he is doing is lifting his body up (raising his arm) and then stepping down. A month later, he’s just about got it!

Friday Fun Spot: Hudson’s First White Lie

Hudson's White Lie

I don’t know why I love this so much. Probably because it is SO obvious when Hudson has gone poo poo. I’m not sure why he thinks if he tells me “No” I’ll believe him over the stench. The first of many white lies to come. Notice he is saying Book (and semi-signing it), Up, … Continue reading

Friday Fun Spot (on Sunday): Hudson Reading

Hudson Keeping Up on the Local Food Scene

I was super busy Friday with a morning trip to Texas State University’s PT department and an afternoon in Sun City supporting my dad in a pickleball tournament. Needless to say, I forgot to post a Friday Fun Spot. It just dawned on me that I didn’t! So, with further delay, here it is. I … Continue reading

Titan: First Life Aquatic

Titan-First Life Aquatic

Hudson is obsessed with fish lately. He calls everything a fish. He constantly wants to see fish on the “pad” (aka iPad), he talks about fish, asks about fish and practically repeats the word “fish” over and over in his sleep. So Charles decided to pick up a Beta fish from the pet store today (and … Continue reading

Friday Fun Spot: Hudson Talks, Hudson Hugs

Hudson Hugs

Hudson’s first word was “Shoe” about a month ago. He’s since multiplied his vocabulary and signs at a speed I wasn’t expecting. Here’s some footage of me trying to get him to say some of his new words. You can tell he’s not into this game. The cute part comes at the end when he … Continue reading

Hudson’s Nicknames

Nicknames come and go here almost weekly, however, here’s a list of the more frequently used nicknames for Hudson since birth. These are in order of usage. • Hud (Most popular, most obvious, and most used.) • Boogs (My nickname for Hudson.) • Hud Da-do Do, often sung, or just Da-do Do when spoken (Ellisa knows Hudson … Continue reading

Friday Fun Spot: Hudson’s Custom Sign

The Hud

We’ve been working on sign language for quite some time. At 16 months Hudson knows “more”, “again”, “please”, “all done”, “milk”, “motorcycle”, “down”, “up”, “help”, and “The Hud”. The Hud? I was showing him butterfly one day and I realized that later that day he started doing what we now call The Hud. When thinking … Continue reading