My Optimistic vs. Realistic Weekly Schedule

Structured Play Time: Dirt Pile in the Garage

I’m schedule oriented. If I don’t put it on my calendar, it won’t get done. In order to make myself a better mom and wife, I created a schedule for each day of the work week leaving nights and weekends open for family time with Charles and some alone time for myself. This schedule allows … Continue reading

Friday Fun Spot: Life Is A Highway

Life Is A Highway

My mother and Grant sent Hudson a card-that-plays-music for Valentine’s Day. It’s a Disney Pixar Cars card with a Valentine’s message. When you open it up, it plays Life is a Highway. And as you can see from the video, our life at home is somewhat like a highway: full of fast turns, changing lanes, wrecks, disputes, … Continue reading

Feeding Issues: Our GI Visit Today

Ellisa at 17 Months

Ellisa has always had feeding issues. In NICU she would spit up most of what we would get down her. Once home, we struggled constantly with bottle feeding and unfortunately breast-feeding didn’t last too long before she refused that too. For probably close to half an hour, Charles used to walk her around the house with … Continue reading

Friday Fun Spot: Ellisa Can Throw, Watch Out!

Ellisa Throwing Backwards

Ellisa has begun throwing objects behind her, a precursor to forward throwing. It’s adorable not just because she’s as cute as a button (which of course she is), but because she is so determined to whip that block as far and hard behind her as possible. Advice: Don’t stand behind this little girl or you’re … Continue reading

100 Posts of Love!

Valentines Kisses

I started this blog one year ago today to document the lives of my little peanuts and our family. I wasn’t sure I could keep up with it, but I’d say having 100 posts to-date makes my first year a success! Let’s hope we have another successful year filled with health, laughter, growth, fond memories, lots … Continue reading

Ellisa’s Nicknames

Nicknames come and go here almost weekly, however, here’s a list of the more frequently used nicknames for Ellisa since birth. These are in order of usage. • Little Bit • Snatch (Charles came up with this classy one. She’s a professional when stealing toys from Hudson so it’s fitting.) • Liss-ah (This one seems … Continue reading

Hudson’s Nicknames

Nicknames come and go here almost weekly, however, here’s a list of the more frequently used nicknames for Hudson since birth. These are in order of usage. • Hud (Most popular, most obvious, and most used.) • Boogs (My nickname for Hudson.) • Hud Da-do Do, often sung, or just Da-do Do when spoken (Ellisa knows Hudson … Continue reading

The Walsh & Purma Twins Reunite

A Twin Birthday Celebration

Fraternal twins run in my family–at least they do now. My dad has a fraternal twin sister, Mary Jo. Other than that, I’m unaware of any other twins until me. Yeah me! My dad and Mary Jo were both born premature (it’s not clear how early but my grandmother thought around 4 weeks) and Hudson … Continue reading

Friday Fun Spot: Hudson’s Custom Sign

The Hud

We’ve been working on sign language for quite some time. At 16 months Hudson knows “more”, “again”, “please”, “all done”, “milk”, “motorcycle”, “down”, “up”, “help”, and “The Hud”. The Hud? I was showing him butterfly one day and I realized that later that day he started doing what we now call The Hud. When thinking … Continue reading

Peanuts Play Dates

Buddies Max and Hud

Once the twins turned 1 year old, I’ve been trying to do two play dates a week with them. It’s good for me to get out and great for them to socialize outdoors. One play date is with my fellow twin moms and the other play date is with my fellow special needs families. I … Continue reading