Colorado Camping: The beginning of an adventure

I’m back folks! After almost a year of being stagnent, I’ve finally been inspired to blog again. And this is why: I’m going tent camping for five weeks with my kids! What?! I know what you’re thinking. I’ve never done anything quite like this before. But did you read the title? It’s an adventure. And … Continue reading

Friday Fun Spot: Our First Vacation

Ruidoso, Our First Vacation

It’s been a heck of a week. I’m going on three weeks this Saturday of struggling with what I believe is mold allergies. I have a horrible cough that is keeping me up all night long. I’ve been exhausted yet can’t sleep, and that only leads to no energy during the day with the kids. … Continue reading

Grandma GJ and Gran-T: G’s We’re Thankful For

Gran-T and the Peanuts

Around 18 months I succumbed to the reality that I–a mom of twins–needed some alone time. I asked my mom and Grant if they would be willing to come every other Monday to watch the kids  all morning (the alternate weeks my dad and Mary Ann come) so I could have some time to get my … Continue reading

4th of July, 2012

4th of July, 2012

Without going into too much detail, this 4th was pretty wonderful. To sum it up: We stayed home, took the morning easy picking up the house and making 4th of July decorations with the kids. After naps, we headed out to the pool for some swimming fun, grilled brats for dinner, played with some toddler-like … Continue reading

Memorial Weekend 2012

Ellisa in Wildflowers

Well, this weekend wasn’t what I was hoping for but it was still pretty good. I won’t go into details, but Hudson got his first fever Saturday afternoon while we were staying at my dad’s. I was of course worried, and Hudson was of course an unhappy boy. It got up to 101.6 degrees that … Continue reading

The Purma Family Visit, May 2012

"Bicki" and Ellisa Swinging

We had such a nice time with the Purma’s on their recent visit. Here’s a recap of what we did along with some pictures. Of course, I feel like I didn’t take enough. The Purma’s arrived Thursday night around 7pm and it immediately felt like Christmas morning. The kids got tons of new clothes, toys, … Continue reading

Guest Blogger #1: Grandpa Walsh, April 2012

Guest blogging is the act of writing for another blog with the hope of getting quality backlinks, getting traffic, gaining exposure and building relationships. My father doesn’t expect to get any of these things, nor can he since he doesn’t blog himself. So let me, for the sake of definition, redefine guest blogging on pforpeanuts. A … Continue reading

Easter 2012

Easter 2012

I was trying to remember what we did last year for the twins first Easter and when I reread the blog entry Easter 2011, I was shocked to read that we did almost the exact same thing this Easter. We started off the day with some pickleball in Little Stacey Park. Courtney, Jess, Grandpa Walsh, … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Courtney!!!

Hudson Helped Courtney Blow Out Her Birthday Candles

I’m not sure I could have survived the first year of the peanut’s lives if it wasn’t for my family. And my sister Courtney was, and still is, a huge part of my survival and their success. First of all, she moved to Austin from Las Vegas to be with her first-born niece and nephew. … Continue reading