The Wonderful World of Hydrocephalus: Part 5, Shunt Malfunctions

John Holter, Wife, and Son

Shall we start with a wee-bit of history. It’s just so interesting. To be brief, a guy had a son. The son was born with hydrocephalus. The father was an engineer and invented the shunt in order to save his son’s life. Unfortunately, his son passed away before they “perfected” the shunt. But his passion to … Continue reading

VP Shunt Malfunction #1

Ellisa's First Shunt Revision

Well, it was inevitable. I just thought it wouldn’t happen so soon. I guess I should be lucky it didn’t happen sooner. Here’s what happened. – – – – – – – – – – – – Monday Morning, April 2nd: First sign of something being wrong Ellisa seemed a bit irritable that night. Waking … Continue reading

Friday Fun Spot: Cancelled

Sorry fans of Friday Fun Spot but unfortunately Charles and I have been in ER since early Friday morning and now in recovery of Dell Children’s due to Ellisa having a shunt malfunction. There will be no FFS this week. I will fill everyone in later, but for now Ellisa is doing great! Surgery went … Continue reading

Ellisa’s Doctor Visits: 18 Months

Ellisa's 18 Month Check-ups

I thought I would  go ahead and simply make one post that goes over all the doctors that Ellisa saw for her 1.5 year check-ups vs doing a post on each visit. Thankfully, there’s nothing too complicated to report or too many doctor’s that she had to see. Here’s a summary of each visit. Dr. … Continue reading