The 5 S’s of Summer

Hudson Enjoying the Pool

I’m writing this as it’s raining outside. Go figure. I had the most wonderful morning with the kids. We started with our regular Wednesday Eggy Weggys and then off to the park. We played for almost 2 hours and the kids even had whole cashews for the first time. A new favorite. They were so good at … Continue reading

Managing Twins: 6-9 months

Napping with Daddy

I started writing this months ago and finally finished. I should have posted this 6 months ago. I apologize. What is it with my last two posts being way off date? – – – – – – – – – – – – This was my biggest period of not knowing what to do. By … Continue reading

9 months today!

9 month out-take

Are you serious, 9 months? Yep, 9 months it is and what a month we’ve had. Both babies are putting food into their mouths–not always successfully–and we’re just starting to try sippy/straw cups. Pool time is a favorite for all and it does a great job at wearing them out. We’re all getting more sleep, … Continue reading