Colorado Camping: The beginning of an adventure

I’m back folks! After almost a year of being stagnent, I’ve finally been inspired to blog again. And this is why: I’m going tent camping for five weeks with my kids! What?! I know what you’re thinking. I’ve never done anything quite like this before. But did you read the title? It’s an adventure. And it can’t be an adventure without some excitement AND fear of the unknown.

So here’s the quickie. We’ll be tent camping in Durango for two weeks with another amazing family. Then, the husbands have to drive back to Austin to work. Poor guys. But me and two moms-yes, another friend is joining us-will then be primitive camping in Rifle Falls for four days, then Estes Park for two weeks, and then lastly Rocky Mountain National Park for the last final days. 

I am so excited to see how I do, how my kids do, how my friendships develop, how my outlook on life changes, and quite frankly, if we all make it home in one piece. (I’m pretty nervous about Ellisa and her epilepsy, but I”m taking her doctor’s advice and proving her with a typical childhood!)

We started off the adventure today with over 13 hours of driving minus our car babysitter, DVD players. But somehow, the kids didn’t even seem to care! They were fine. They slept close to 3 hours, ate close to 2 hours, listened to music probably 2 hours, and then the rest was just entertaining themselves with their own thoughts, drawing, beading, puzzle books, and simply watching the changing landscape. 

Charles knocked out the drive as always, so we had some extra time to explore. We took a detour close to our final destination at Bisti Wilderness Preserve. Unfortunately, the hike into the mushroom-like formations was too far for our kids in the heat and sun, we just weren’t prepared, so we turned around and continuted on. But…

These types of last minute excursions always seem to bring surprises, the unexpected, and joy. We had a blast as a family just getting out. Hudson commented on how much he loved the sand and how beautiful it was. And while out we saw three or more huge hares with large ears and long legs hopping all around, along with majestic wild horses. If we wouldn’t have ventured out, we most likely wouldn’t have seen these magical creatures.

After reaching our final destination, we checked in to our hotel and quickly left again for dinner out at a local brewery. Yum!

Tomorrow we will be setting up camp and who knows what else we will encounter or see.

The adventure has begun…


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