Friday Fun Spot: Our First Vacation

It’s been a heck of a week. I’m going on three weeks this Saturday of struggling with what I believe is mold allergies. I have a horrible cough that is keeping me up all night long. I’ve been exhausted yet can’t sleep, and that only leads to no energy during the day with the kids. On top of that, Ellisa got sick yesterday–I’m praying it’s gone by Saturday morning– the cats have done unmentionables, I’m still trying to put back our living room from the weekend after Charles gratefully treated our 1981 Pergo floor, all the while, preparing and packing for a week in Ruidoso, New Mexico.

The silver lining: Our first family vacation!  Whoo hoo!!!

As part of my preparation for our trip, I’ve tried to teach the kids where we are going. I explain we’ll see mountains and we’ll be spending a week with Papa and Mary Ann in Ruidoso. It’s funny. When I asked them where we are going on vacation they said, “Iggy Pop” and “Elvis.” I wonder where they got that?

Notice how Hudson is listening to my every word and answering me. I wonder if Ellisa hears him and just repeats it or if she remembered herself. It’s so hard with twins to know!

I think I’m actually saying “Ruidoso” wrong. Ellisa says it better than I do and with much more enthusiasm.

2 Responses to “Friday Fun Spot: Our First Vacation”
  1. carey gooden says:

    Have fun!
    Now you have the credentials to be a travel planner — to all new places!
    Hope you feel better!

  2. Sarah says:

    Hilarious…You’re going on vacation with Iggy Pop and Elvis!

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