Free Fun: 4th of July Decorations

Our Final 4th of July Decorations

Our Final 4th of July Decorations

Before July is over with, I should post this. Yeah, I should have posted it before the 4th but I didn’t even do this until the morning of and I’m just now getting to the post.

To be fair, this craft isn’t totally free if you don’t already have the supplies. If you keep anything crafty like me, I’m sure you can come up with something similar with what you’ve got at your house. We whipped these out 4th of July morning by going through my craft cabinet and reusing our IKEA frames (which I LOVE and use for tons of things). You can do something similar with any holiday or special occasion!

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Craft Tip:
These IKEAs frames are cheap and versatile. Use them for party menus, theme of the week, word of the day, center table graphics, notes on your desk, holiday decorations, or simply to hold photos when not being used for something special. And that’s what I came up with in 30 seconds. What do you use yours for?
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What you’ll need:
• IKEA photo holders or something similar
• Sharpie (pencil and eraser)
• Colored Paper-Blue
• Colored Crayons-Red, White, and Blue
• Stamps and Ink-Something Patriotic (I used stars with silver and red ink)
• Stickers–Something Patriotic (Again, I used stars)
• Ruler and Scissors

Directions: Cut your colored paper to size. I made four sheets–2 sheets back to back–for two frames. This gives the kids more area to scribble on. I wrote with a black sharpie “Happy 4th of July” in the middle of the paper ( I used a pencil and eraser first) and stamped two stars–one silver and one red in opposite corners. Depending on the age of your kids, they might be able to do the entire project. I did this with 21 month olds so I had to do most of the craft myself.

From there I came armed with colored pencils and stickers. Keep in mind to limit younger children with options otherwise, they will want to use every color and mark on everything. The only rule was they could only draw on paper. They scribbled on both sides of the paper and the stickers ended up on more body parts than on our decorations. But we sure had fun!

Once done–this only entertained them for about 20 minutes–I grabbed the sheets of paper and put them in their frames. These frames come with plastic sheets so they protect whatever you create. Another reason I love them. They stood proudly on our kitchen counter top for the 4th! I think my kids will enjoy seeing them when they’re older.


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