Friday Fun Spot: Ho-Ho-Ho

This is the first song I got both Hudson and Ellisa to help sing. Grandma GJ started singing it during her weekly visits and it suddenly stuck one day. We’ve all been singing it ever since. I especially like how they associate it with Grandma. If I ever start singing it, they say questionably, “Grandma?” I say, “Yes, Grandma sings that song but she’s not here right now.” Then they join in. This may be a family favorite for a long time.

Here’s some footage of one of the first times Hudson started singing it with me about a month ago. It’s sort of long so feel free to skip to 1:15 for the best singing and the end bump.

The original recording
History of Vic Mizzy

One Response to “Friday Fun Spot: Ho-Ho-Ho”
  1. Joseph Baca says:

    I thought I heard Hudson add a “poop” into the lyrics there somewhere.

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