Grandma GJ and Gran-T: G’s We’re Thankful For

Around 18 months I succumbed to the reality that I–a mom of twins–needed some alone time. I asked my mom and Grant if they would be willing to come every other Monday to watch the kids  all morning (the alternate weeks my dad and Mary Ann come) so I could have some time to get my nails done. By get my nails done I mean wash dishes, do laundry, clean the house, freelance, blog, errands, etc…I’m not sure if I’ve ever had my nails done. They agreed. And sometimes they come on their Monday’s off too. Bonus!

It’s been working out great! They usually get to our house around 9 and take the kids out from 10-1ish. That’s when I get the most done. Plus, they put the kids down for their naps and I usually have at least another hour on top of that. I wish they were sleeping 2-3 hours like most kids their age but that’s another story. 4+ straight hours for me is heaven! Something I look forward to every week they are here.

For example, today I did 4 loads of laundry, dishes, cleaned one bathroom, had a client meeting, blogged for about 30 minutes, ordered some items on Amazon and iPhoto, called the bank, called one of Ellisa’s therapists, and organized my week and to-do list. I probably left some other small stuff out but that’s 3X the amount of things I get done when I’m by myself. It’s amazing how much you can do  in a few hours without kids hanging on your legs saying “hold-choo.”

I feel bad that I don’t get to spend more time with them and the kids together, but it’s all about the twins. Grandma Walsh (GJ) and Gran-T LOVE these babies and I know they both look forward to their visit on Mondays with them. I’m thankful to have them in my life and I’m glad my children enjoy them as much as they do. It’s important they have good relationships with their grandparents and a weekly visit seems to do the trick. Everyone seems to benefit from our new routine. Yeah!

On weekends when we go to Sun City, I leave the kids with Grandma and Gran-T on Sunday night and they bring them back Monday morning before their naps. This is ideal and highly recommended to anyone with twins and close grandparents. Charles and I have only done it twice but it’s worked great both times and something we hope to continue to do on a semi-regular basis pending their toddler behavior. We leave around their nap time. That gives us the entire afternoon and evening to ourselves. Most importantly we get a good night sleep and I can sleep in and wake in silence–not the usual alarm chime of Hudson screaming bloody murder. Can you imagine waking up like that every day? If they bring the kids back after lunch and ready for their naps, I am a happy momma. That means I’ve had a house to myself for the whole morning and almost a 24 hour break!

I hope my mom and Grant understand how much I appreciate their help. The kids absolutely adore them and ask about them daily. It’s obvious their time together is meaningful.

Here’s some random photos of the kids at GJs house and our place from Monday morning visits. Thanks Mom. Thanks Grant. I couldn’t ask for better Grandparents.


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