Friday Fun Spot: For the Love of Bots

At some point Charles found a video on youtube of a robot name Nao. It was their first introduction to videos and robots. Ever since then, they’ve been hooked on both. So when Charles went to Anna’s Toy Depot (our favorite toy store) to get them a gift, he couldn’t resist the robot he found that looked just like Nao. He surprised the kids, and me, at Phil’s Icehouse with their first “Bot.” What a guy!

It wasn’t long before they both could control it’s walking. We would put Nao to bed at night, feed him, and push him in our baby stroller. We’ve even had fights over Nao. Can you guess what their 2nd birthday theme is going to be?

I love these videos because they show the wonderment of children. Just watch Hudson’s face! It’s the reason we are all jealous of their excitement, innocence, and imagination. If only I got this much thrill from a similar gift. I for one cherish these moments and are thankful to have some of them caught on video. Watching it is reliving it.

I think Ellisa was slightly scared of him. She’s my cautious one. I like how she cleans the table, waves good-bye, and blows Nao a kiss. Towards the end you can hear her say, “Nao.” I didn’t notice at the time but Hudson actually says, “It go backward.” I had no idea he was talking like that already.


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