The 5 S’s of Summer

I’m writing this as it’s raining outside. Go figure.

I had the most wonderful morning with the kids. We started with our regular Wednesday Eggy Weggys and then off to the park. We played for almost 2 hours and the kids even had whole cashews for the first time. A new favorite. They were so good at the park. They even followed me to the car when I said it was time to leave. I left with the thought that I can easily do this more often. On the way home, I drove down S. Congress and smiled as I appreciated the Austin skyline in front of me–always enamored by that vantage point. I felt like the happiest woman in the world.

It was great to get out today. Something I’m not doing near enough lately. Something I’m lucky if I’m doing once a week (work week that is). Because lately, I’ve discovered the 5 S’s of Summer. And I don’t like most of them. They’re keeping me from getting out. They’re keeping me from letting my children play, discover, and develop. They’re probably just an excuse for my laziness. Be it as it may, here they are.

1) Sweating this Summer:
The heat. Oh the heat. And honestly, it hasn’t even been that hot of a Summer for us. I’m sick of it and it’s not even mid-July. I never want to take the kids out because I sweat just walking them down our stairs to the garage. This is the number one thing keeping us in the house. With sweat comes…

2) Stinking this Summer:
The number two thing keeping us in the house. After going on a play date, I stink. After going to the store, I stink. After doing anything when leaving the house even when the kids aren’t with me, I stink. I’m beginning to think taking a shower is a waste of time since I’m going to stink again in less than 12 hours. With stinking comes…

3) Swimming this Summer:
I definitely enjoy it more than sitting in the house but the only time we’re getting out in the afternoon is for pool time. It’s a great way to cool down, exert some energy, and wash off that sweat. But boy is it some work with twins. Ellisa doesn’t really like it yet so I always have her walking around the edge of the pool while Hudson is in the pool. Not a great situation for one adult. I won’t do it alone so Aunt Courtney usually goes with me. Thank goodness for my sister! With swimming comes…

4) Showering this Summer:
With all the swimming and sweating going on there are lots of showers and baths taking place. We must clean off that chlorine, sunscreen, and bug repellant. Yuk! Speaking of bug repellant, if mosquitos started with an “S”, it would definitely be on this list. I HATE MOSQUITOS!!! With showers comes…

5) Sighing this Summer:
A sign of relief. When we are done sweating, stinking, swimming, and showering for the day, we lay down with our blankies and books and give a great big sigh of relief dreaming of an early fall. This is my favorite S of Summer.

We love you Summer but we are looking forward to saying ba-bye.


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