Friday Fun Spot: 4th of July Fireworks

We did minimal fireworks with the kids this year: snap poppers, sparklers, and tanks. Actually, Hudson and his buddy Baylor did snap poppers with Charles and that was about it. Ellisa wasn’t interested. She preferred going in and out of the house. Charles tried to get Hudson and Ellisa to do–or at least watch–the sparklers and tanks later that night. That didn’t go over well. Ellisa wanted to touch the tank as it was bursting sparks and flames while Hudson screamed bloody murder as the tank made loud popping sounds. The sparklers were watched for about .05 seconds before the stairs and grass became much more interesting to climb and roll down. Here’s some footage of the snap poppers.

I love how Baylor stomps on his popper really hard. So cute! I was shocked Ellisa’s popper actually went off. This was on the only one she threw. I’m glad I captured it.

One Response to “Friday Fun Spot: 4th of July Fireworks”
  1. Joseph Baca says:

    Before you know it, they will want bottle rockets.

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