Friday Fun Spot: Hudson Feeding Ellisa

Hudson knows exactly what I’m asking him to do, but he chooses to feed himself instead. I love it! Especially when he shares his chewed up food with Ellisa. As you can see, I have no issues with germs–sharing food and taking food off the floor. I know it’s gross but it’s too much work to try to control every germ that may enter my children. I swear, I usually don’t let them eat off the floor. C’est la vie.

3 Responses to “Friday Fun Spot: Hudson Feeding Ellisa”
  1. Joseph Baca says:

    Don’t understand what the big deal is on this. Hudson was simply softening up the food for Elissa so it was easier to chew. Kind of like a mother bird. He was looking out for her.

  2. Sarah says:

    If I know you…I know your floors are impeccably clean.

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