Free Fun: A Home-made Fort First

In the last month, the kids have brought me blankets saying “tent.” I was putting my legs up in the air, or on the couch, and creating a mini-tent for 2 minutes at a time while they poked their heads in and laughed. It was time to give them a real home-made fort.

Last weekend Ellisa had a runny nose Friday and Saturday. Then Hudson got his Sunday afternoon. Since we shouldn’t leave the house with sick kids, it was the perfect time to make a fort! It was a quick tent to start with but got more and more fort-like by the end of the weekend.

Most of the activities I read about for kids are too advanced for this age. I loved this activity because they are old enough–21 months old– that they can help me make the fort by bringing in blankets and pillows. Then they can scribble on the paper as I draw the doors. Most of all, they can play in it when it’s done.

The kids love it and it’s great for them to crawl through and navigate around. Hudson loves to sneak through the side “wall” and watch Kipper on his pad (iPad) while Ellisa likes to lay down inside and say, “nap”. Unfortunately, she won’t really nap.

I know this isn’t innovative by any means but it’s a first for us and most definitely not a last. I look forward to the day when the kids make the fort and do all the drawing by themselves.

What you’ll need:
• Stools/Tables/Chairs
• Blankets/Sheets
• Pillows
• Big paper– Mine came from an Amazon deliver Friday. It was stuffed in the box for packing. Great for many things and it’s FREE!
• Crayons/Markers
• Scotch tape

Directions: Do I really need these? All I did was throw some blankets over some stools in the kitchen and line the floor with pillows. After drawing on the paper from Amazon Saturday and Sunday, it dawned on me that I could easily draw some doors for the front and back of the tent. Then I taped them to the tops of their stools and shebang! We’ve got a fort in our kitchen.

The only downside: We may have a fort in our kitchen for a very long time.


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