Oh, the Power of Two

I don’t think I’ve mentioned how fortunate and blessed I feel to have twins. Now’s as good a time as any.

For one, can twins be any cuter? Watching them hug, kiss, and play together is the best. They ask where the other one is when the other one is not around, and they blame each other (yes, already) for their pooh-pooh, messes, and problems. Their cuteness brings happiness to me, my family and friends, and anyone else that comes in contact with them.

Oh, the power of two.

Two, Hudson has helped Ellisa in so many ways developmentally I can’t thank him enough. He’s better than any therapist, doctor, dad, or mom. Hudson does things no one else would do–because he is naturally making all the developmental milestones himself–and Ellisa is watching his every move. Both of them working on milestones around the same time is a huge advantage for Ellisa.

Oh, the power of two.

Three, twins bring the family closer together. Neither Charles nor I can escape often. With two babies at once (now toddlers), you need one adult per kid. If Charles isn’t at work, we are all together. It takes two to raise twins. Not to mention bringing the extended family together. I’ve never spent so much time with my sister or my parents. This is a horrible thing for many but I love my family and I thank my children for bringing us closer together (Literally, they all moved to Austin!).

Oh, the power of two.

Four, if it wasn’t for Hudson, Ellisa might not be here today. To be brief, Hudson broke his water even though nothing was wrong with him. The doctors think he knew something was wrong and wanted out. I think he knew something was wrong with sissy and wanted her out. Regardless, he undoubtedly saved her life. He was–and still is–her guardian angel.

Oh, the power of two.

Oh, the power of two.

One Response to “Oh, the Power of Two”
  1. Joseph Baca says:

    Do the docs really think that about Hud? Crazy! What a guy!

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