Friday Fun Spot: Ellisa Gets Quizzed

I’m always quizzing the kids. Here’a a snapshot of me quizzing Ellisa one night during dinner.

The two doing “cheers” at the end is classic. They love doing “cheers” with each other and anyone else that will play along.

4 Responses to “Friday Fun Spot: Ellisa Gets Quizzed”
  1. Joseph Baca says:

    Cheers was fantastic! Only a couple years and I can have some beers with the peanuts now.

  2. Sarah says:

    I can’t get enough of them. I love watching them grow up!

  3. carey gooden says:

    Oh, MacKenzie! This is so precious! It brought tears to my eyes. Every child deserves such loving encouragement & teaching. Ellisa will be just fine in her life. She is one happy learner! So bright & happy!

  4. That is so cute! I love it when she crosses her fingers and her face is so cute when she finds her hands!

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