Friday Fun Spot: Hudson Climbing

Hudson is all boy. He loves to climb. If I’m on the floor, I’m his playscape. If I’m not on the floor, he’ll traverse the furniture. Of course I think his gross motor skills are amazing, but I’m his momma.

Early last month when I noticed it was a bit too quiet for comfort in the living room, I caught Hudson doing this. We are slowing losing furniture in our house but I refuse to lose the couch.  Instead I moved the table. That’s a fair compromise.

Notice at the end how dangerous it could have been if I wasn’t there. He almost knocked Ellisa off! That morning I moved the table he was climbing up and rearranged the furniture once again. Sorry Hud.

A note on discipline: Yes, I could teach my kids not to climb on furniture BUT 1) it’s so good for their bodies and minds 2) they’re kids–that’s what they’re supposed to do 3) I think they’re simply too young to deny them of this pleasure–it seems cruel and 4) I can’t watch them every second and I’m not about to say “no” when I see it but allow it when I don’t see it. I’ll probably kick myself when they’re climbing friends furniture at age 5 but I’ll cross that hurdle when I get to it.

2 Responses to “Friday Fun Spot: Hudson Climbing”
  1. Sarah says:

    May I remind you, we climbed some ridiculously high trees and other things when we were kids! Can’t get over how big they’re getting! They are SO SO darned adorable!

  2. Joseph Baca says:

    Good luck keeping your eye on him!

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