The Purma Family Visit, May 2012

We had such a nice time with the Purma’s on their recent visit. Here’s a recap of what we did along with some pictures. Of course, I feel like I didn’t take enough.

The Purma’s arrived Thursday night around 7pm and it immediately felt like Christmas morning. The kids got tons of new clothes, toys, umbrella strollers, a stool, and an awesome picnic table that we have already used a ton in the garage. It’s plastic so we can get real dirty and hose it down when we’re done. Ellisa’s favorite gift is her doll and stroller. Hudson’s favorite gift is also the doll and stroller but his plastic fish and turtle are close runners-up. The baby and stroller have been great for pretend play since that’s something I need to be working on with Ellisa. We ordered in some pizza from Frank and Angie’s and had a good time catching up.

My favorite part about this day was watching cousin Martin and Hudson play together. They were chasing each other around the kitchen–Ellisa following behind– and playing with their cars together. Sounds of laughter and squealing filled the room. It was awesome to see them interact. So cute!

Friday morning Charles and I loaded up the kids into their wagon and walked to the Purma’s hotel room. From there we walked to Butler Park and let the kids run wild. Turtles were the most popular topic and Hudson and I even had a chance to feed some turtles our Cheezits. Everyone got worn out from that adventure. After naps we headed to Freddie’s were we played on their playscape, listened to an Austin band, and had dinner. I was shocked how well-behaved everyone was. Although it’s never easy to relax with everything that is going on.

Saturday morning we loaded up the kids in the wagon again and picked up the Purma’s for a Farmer’s Market morning. The kids listened to music, watched the construction next door, and ate some tamales and snow cones. Yum! After naps that day we just hung around at the house. Charles picked up some Indian food from Tarka’s for dinner. We ate it Italian style and everyone seemed to like it.

Sunday was a lazy day. We hung out at the house in the morning, taking our time getting ready and then headed out for lunch at Chuy’s — a favorite and must stop with the Purma’s during each visit. Is it me or does Chuy’s get better and better all the time? That afternoon we hung around the house and ran outside the complex a bit. I think everyone was hot and tired by this time to do too much.

Monday Charles and his dad drove to Llano for some BBQ. They also stopped in Castell — one of the best places in the world — and hung out with an ex-wild boar. Vicki and I spent the morning playing with the kids. That afternoon Aunt Courtney and I took the peanuts to our pool. Neither of the kids are that interested in the pool this year. I’m waiting for that to change. That night Charles took Aunt Anna to Uchiko for a belated birthday dinner. Later we said our goodbyes and wished the Purma’s a safe journey to Kansas.

I sure wish we could see them more often! It’s so good for our kids and I know Martin loves being around us as well. Maybe some day we’ll all live closer together. Until then, I think it’s our turn to take the 12 hour trek north for a visit — something I’ve been looking forward to. Maybe the kids can see snow for the first time this winter!

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One Response to “The Purma Family Visit, May 2012”
  1. Joseph Baca says:

    Looks like a good time. I hope I get to see all Purmas sometime again soon.

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