Happy Birthday Courtney!!!

I’m not sure I could have survived the first year of the peanut’s lives if it wasn’t for my family. And my sister Courtney was, and still is, a huge part of my survival and their success.

First of all, she moved to Austin from Las Vegas to be with her first-born niece and nephew. That alone was a huge sacrifice and one that I’ll cherish forever. Not only because my relationship with her has grown stronger but more importantly, that my children have an aunt that loves them like her own. And Courtney really loves these two!

She’s spent more time with them than anyone else outside of Charles and myself. And I know she would do anything for these kids. Anything.

– – – – – – – – – – – –

When I first had the twins prematurely, Courtney got to Austin as soon as she could. Since they came almost 2 months early, she wasn’t ready for the move, but I believe she was here within two weeks of their birth helping me in every way possible. Hudson was home by that time and Ellisa was still in NICU. Having one twin home and one at the hospital wasn’t easy. I felt like I constantly had to decide which child was more important to care for moment to moment. Bouncing back between home and hospital, Courtney was there every day to watch Hudson while I went to visit Ellisa. She also helped me clean, change diapers, bottle feed, cook, laundry, lift my spirits, cry with me, you name it. And when she could, she went to visit Ellisa too.

Once Ellisa came home from NICU, Courtney was busy helping me take care of both the kids during the day. All I remember doing was breast-feeding and pumping. While I did that Courtney took care of everything else. Yeah, I could have done it without her. I would have survived. But I would have been miserable, exhausted, and too busy to enjoy my babies. Courtney’s help allowed me to enjoy my babies at a time when it would have been extremely hard to. For that I thank her.

We recently passed the twins 18 month mark and I still see Courtney a ton. My life is much more manageable now, and I definitely can take care of the kids solely while still enjoying them. However, Courtney still makes it here almost every day she has off work. If she’s not helping me around the house, she’s playing with the kids, or hanging out with me (I need some adult time too!). I love having her close by and seeing her as often as I do is a blessing.

It’s becoming more aware that the kids love her too. They’ve recently started calling her Cokco, and when she comes over to visit, I’m not sure whose face I get more excited to see light up–hers or theirs. To watch Hudson and Ellisa run to her to give her hugs is priceless. You can tell she loves getting her some baby love. Who doesn’t?

– – – – – – – – – – – –

I’m honored to have such an amazing sister. Family goes a long way and I know she’s in it for the long haul. We’ve only got 16.5 years to go. Happy Birthday Aunt Cokco! We all love you.

2 Responses to “Happy Birthday Courtney!!!”
  1. Grandpa Tom (BaaPa) says:

    Love all of this post, but really like the last picture from yesterday. Wonderful lighting!
    Happy Birthday Court. Dad

  2. Katy Maurer says:

    That’s so wonderful that you have such a great family support system! Those are very lucky little ones!! :)

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