Walsh Cousins Reunite!

The first weekend of Spring Break, Charles and I took the kids for their first weekend get-away to Houston, TX. We went to visit my cousins Shelley, Jodi, and their families. I’m so glad I made the trek since it was a ton of fun to see everyone again. I was 1.5 years since I had seen Jodi (Shame on me since she lives so close!) and even longer since I’d seen Shellie. The weather was rainy all weekend, so unfortunately we couldn’t get out and do anything new and exciting in Houston (we really wanted to go to the zoo). The silver lining: We were forced to stay in Jodi’s house and bond.

The trip started out really well. The kids didn’t cry once the first 3 hours of the car ride. They both even squeezed in a 30-45 minute nap. However, Hud got antsy when we took a wrong turn that added almost 45 minutes to the tail end of the trip. I don’t blame him. I was getting antsy too.

We arrived to the smell of bbq and the sound of laughter as kids were playing in the front yard. Nice. Since the twins sat in a car all morning, I wanted them to get out and move around a bit. Plus, we just got there and everyone wanted to see and play with everyone else! We skipped their nap hoping they would fall asleep early for bed.

After arriving we all just hung out. The kids played in the front and back yards (mine got soaking wet since they were exploring rain puddles), made Easter art, ate dinner, and then off to bed. Of course, mine didn’t fall asleep without any problems but eventually, they nodded off. Once the kids were asleep, the adults finally got to eat dinner and relax. Jodi’s husband Ryan was practicing bbq for a competition the next weekend, so we were lucky enough to try it out. It was awesome! Honestly, some of the best bbq I’ve ever had. He made baby back ribs smoked to perfection: peppery on one side, sweet on the other. What more can a girl ask for? After washing that down with a few beers, me and my cousins had a great time catching up while the men congregated outside. We were full and tired before midnight.

Saturday morning was a slow awakening. My kids slept until 8 and by the time we got out of our room, everyone was already up drinking coffee and popping Cheerios. We joined in willingly. Plans of going to the zoo changed when the forecast called for severe thunderstorms. We almost chanced it as the weather forecasters in Texas seem as reliable as Nostradamus. Good thing we didn’t. It stormed so bad for so long that Jodi’s street temporarily turned into a river. Shelley’s husband Tim had to run out and move our cars because the water was almost halfway up our tires.

What did we do? We went for a quick walk by Lake Houston and played indoors until lunch. Then Mckenlie got everyone going with her hummus jokes and Charles couldn’t help but video record the children being silly. After lunch my kids took a nap while us girls sat around the kitchen talking about babies, our children, and the likes. The guys? I’m not really sure. I think Ryan spent his time grilling meat for lunch and Tim joined him (Which turned out to be awesome fajitas! That boy can cook.). Charles did what any man on a weekend trip would do. Make a zombie movie!

I was super impressed with him. Charles took all the older kids upstairs and got them to come up with roles and parts for their short film. They came up with a story line, created a storyboard by drawing it out on paper, worked on the acting/lines/positioning until almost near perfection, recorded it (including soundtrack and credits), and then invited everyone up for a live performance. The kids loved it and it kept them entertained for at least two hours. Way to go daddy!

After the storm let up and the twins woke from their nap, we finally left. We arrived at 7:30 in Austin with cranky kids and tired adults, ate dinner, and went straight to bed. It was a great trip and I can’t wait to do it again. Thanks for having us Jodi!

Notice how someone says right away, “Remember that your dog died.” Charles told the kids they had to look serious and couldn’t laugh while being zombies. He asked them to imagine how it would feel if their dog died. He explained that kind of emotion would look perfect and get them through the scene. It actually worked.

You can also see the storyboard on the table when the “cameraman” is picking up the credits sheet. I love it.

3 Responses to “Walsh Cousins Reunite!”
  1. Jodi Richey says:

    Awesome blog Kenzie…thanks so much for documenting your stay!! We had a blast and so thankful y’all could join us. This brought back memories of our time together as kids…glad we were able to do it for ours! Next gathering Austin, TX!!!

  2. That was the best zombie movie I have seen in a long time. Great work, everyone! When my cousins and I were younger, we made a Joey Buttafuoco movie. I played Amy Fisher and shot Mary Jo Buttafuoco with a Super Soaker.

  3. Grandpa Tom says:

    grama Rose would be proud of the cousins hangin’ with their kids. Hope she’s able to take this in.

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