St Patty’s Day: 2012

This St. Patty’s Day was all over the place! I was at SXSW but my dad had the kids and celebrated with them in style. Luck of the Irish for them.

3/14: I celebrated St. Patty’s Day with the kids by doing their first official art work. I had high hopes they would love finger painting, but instead Hudson was scared of the paint and cried. Ellisa dipped her finger in the paint, turned around, and walked away. My kids didn’t want anything to do with it. My friend Natalie came over with her twin girls and Eliza did a good job putting her hand in the paint and rubbing it all over the paper. Since our expectations for artistry were lowered, I made “shamrocks” with my fingers and gave all the kids markers to scribble. I even found some Irish stickers for them to add. Once they finished their Irish massacre, I cut the paper into squares, added the kids names, and presto, “art” was made.

3/15: My Aunt Jane and Nancy came through town to visit my dad and see the kids for the first time. Again, it wasn’t St. Patrick’s Day but everyone was in high spirit. We had a great day visiting, eating a big breakfast, and playing pickleball. I wish I could see my Walsh family more. I miss them all.

3/17: I’m not sure what actually went on this day since I wasn’t there but corned beef and cabbage sounds good to me. From the pictures and videos I saw, they looked like they had a great day.

3/19: Courtney and Jess made us corned beef and cabbage for dinner. It was awesome and I’m glad we got to have a proper Irish dinner since we didn’t celebrate the day of. Courtney even put Grandma Walsh’s Irish decor on her door.

Check out the kids from last year’s St. Patty’s Day. I’m amazed at how much children change their first year.

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Thanks Natalie, Dad, Mary Ann, Courtney, and Jess for making this a week-long holiday filled with fun!

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One Response to “St Patty’s Day: 2012”
  1. Joe says:

    Looks like a good time for the nuts! Now I am hungry for corned beef.

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