SXSW Wrap-up 2012

Yes, Charles and I went to SXSW unofficial this year. It was the first time I’ve been away from the kids for more than eight hours (not including NICU). I thought I would miss them a lot more than I did.

But to be honest, I thoroughly enjoyed the break. So much that I hope to do it every few months.

Who wants to babysit!?

Let me be clear here. I love my kids dearly. I thought about them at least every half an hour. They are connected to me. Charles and I both imagined them out on stage doing their 1.5 year old dances. We even danced like them crying we laughed so hard.

But it was strange for the both of us to be in a house without them. We kept wondering why it was so quiet. When were we going to hear the crying, laughter, or little feet running down the hallway?

But to sleep without worry was wonderful. To slowly take a shower and get ready without rushing was pure delight. To sit and enjoy nothingness while spacing out, sipping water, and taking deep breaths of fresh city smog was a slice of heaven. Not for one second would I take my BC (before children) life back. But for a couple of days?

Damn straight I would.

Grandpa Tom and Mary Ann watched them for over two days and had nothing but wonderful things to say: “They were angels,” “They ate great,” “They slept with no problems,” “You two must be doing something right.” I was thrilled. This makes it even easier to give them up for a weekend every now and then. Papa (Grandpa Walsh) should be writing more on this later as my first guest blogger. A big thank you to them!

So without further adieu, here is my SXSW write-up. I’ll keep it short.

– – – – – – – – – – – –

We saw 12+ bands in two days, drank lots of beer, critiqued plenty of fashion “statements,” rode our vintage Schwinn Suburban Cruiser his ‘n her bikes (something we don’t get to do much anymore), and came to this conclusion: SXSW is awesome. But…we get it.

By that I mean, we’ve done this enough to know the in’s and of out’s. It’s fun and definitely something you can’t find ANYWHERE else in the world. We really do enjoy it. But if we never did it again?

So be it.

It makes a 35-year-old mother feel youthful, hip, and energetic. BUT, it made me remember that I am what I am: a 35-year-old mother of twins. I no longer need to go to a music festival to feel a part of something cultural or important.

Music: It was good. I was impressed with the variety of acts, their passion, and the youthful talent of the musicians. I wish I was in a rock band when I was in my late teens! How cool is that? But really, nothing blew my socks off.

Have we come to an era where it’s all been done before? For the most part, I think so. Not only did I find this lack of innovation with music, but with fashion as well.

Fashion: Usually, SXmusic is reeking of the best in fashion. This year, you could have just docked your yacht or been dragged out of the ditch. One style was just as cool as the other. If I noticed anything this year about fashion, it was women don’t dress to accentuate their figures and men don’t even try to look clean. Why are these looks appealing to either sex? Anything goes and almost everything needs to. T-shirts and neon sunglasses seem to be the only semi-hipster clothes out there. And correct me if I’m wrong, but t-shirts are just billboards and neon sunglasses are just making their way around like feathered earrings. I’ve seen it all before.

Can anything truly be new again? What does it mean to be authentic in 2012? Surely unique music has to be made. Modern fashion must come and take us by storm at some point. Right? The question is: When? I hope for myself and my children the answer is sooner than later, because nothing this SXSW gave me much hope for a brave hip world.

2 Responses to “SXSW Wrap-up 2012”
  1. Joe says:

    I have been on this boat for a looooong time. I feel hardly anything I see at the movies or hear in music is that new. The youth complain that the old are out of touch and the old complain that things are not as good as it was when they were young. Circle of like, I suppose. Nothing beats taking days of and sitting at home with no hassle, in my opinion. Sounds like it was a nice breather for you!

  2. Shellie Carter says:

    Good for you guys. Good post! It’s funny how much it takes to impress a mom these days, right? If we are going to go to all the trouble of leaving the kids with someone, it better be good. :) It is weird to sleep in your own house without your kids..wonderful…but weird.

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