Friday Fun Spot: Hudson Talks, Hudson Hugs

Hudson’s first word was “Shoe” about a month ago. He’s since multiplied his vocabulary and signs at a speed I wasn’t expecting. Here’s some footage of me trying to get him to say some of his new words. You can tell he’s not into this game. The cute part comes at the end when he wants to hug Ellisa. There isn’t anything cuter than some twin lovin’.

BTW: Hudson gives the best hugs. He really grabs you tightly around the neck and squeezes hard. I can’t get enough hugs from him but I’m a bit biased.

I know this is a long one but it’s worth the wait. Ellisa’s happiness is priceless. Notice Ellisa in the background saying some of the words too.

3 Responses to “Friday Fun Spot: Hudson Talks, Hudson Hugs”
  1. Lucy says:

    i loved seeing them! Love all that language development from both of the dolls! (Kenzie you and Charles were both doing well too! Heh ha ha ha)

  2. Joe says:

    Cuteness overload! Also, is the Walsh side of the family Scottish or Irish? I believe giving headbutts as kisses is Scottish.

  3. Sarah says:


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