A Preemie Play Date

First of all, thanks Michelle for hosting. Your house is gorgeous, your kids are gorgeous, and you have the best set up for a group as large as this one. Lunch was great and it was awfully generous of you to supply enough food for EVERYONE!

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We had a blast! All the kids seemed to have a great time exploring new toys, new people, and new surroundings. It was nice to finally meet the other preemie kids I’ve heard and seen pictures of. Everyone seems to be doing so well.

Brenna made good friends with Ellisa when we first got there, but ended up secretly falling in love with Hudson soon after. We caught them hugging behind the couch. It was super cute!

I was surprised at how well all the kids played with each other. I don’t think there was much fighting or crying the entire time. Except of course when we actually tried to take a photo of all the kids and my two were not happy about it. There’s also the time Hudson lost it when he saw me leave to load up the car, but that’s a given. He’s a mamma’s boy.

Of course all the excitement put them straight to sleep soon after we started our trek home. It made for a short but heavy nap. Can’t wait for next time!

One Response to “A Preemie Play Date”
  1. Wow! What a big group, that sounds like a lot of fun. How nice that all of you can get together for a play date!

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