Friday Fun Spot: Evil Eyed Ellisa

Ellisa has been winning over family and friends for months with her “evil eyes.” Everyone who sees it laughs. I’m not sure how this started but I think she did it one day and we laughed so hard that she kept doing it for our entertainment. It evolved into “Give us the evil eye,” and now we just have to say “evils”. Unfortunately, I never got really good footage of her doing it and she’s recently lightened up on the stare down. It’s best when she holds it for a few seconds with a serious face. She gives a pretty good one to Hudson around 38 seconds and 1:05.

I tell you though, I’m scared of this little girl. She can give some evil looks and she’s not afraid to do so. One of the many reasons we love this little girl.

When I mention the competition, that’s when she gives you the “evil eye” and slowly tilts her head down further and further to see how far down you’ll go. The person with the lower head wins. Of course it’s always her that wins. She gets so far down that you can’t see her eyes anymore.

4 Responses to “Friday Fun Spot: Evil Eyed Ellisa”
  1. So cute! I think Ellisa looks a lot like Hudson in this video. And they are sitting at the big people table, they are growing up so fast!

  2. Mateo says:

    My favorite evil…Elissa!

  3. Joseph says:

    First Hudson and Max look to be plotting and now this? I cannot wait until they are teens to see how much mischief these two give you guys!

  4. Sarah says:

    she kills me! she’s so funny!

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