My Optimistic vs. Realistic Weekly Schedule

I’m schedule oriented. If I don’t put it on my calendar, it won’t get done. In order to make myself a better mom and wife, I created a schedule for each day of the work week leaving nights and weekends open for family time with Charles and some alone time for myself. This schedule allows time for chores, errands, constructive play time with the kids–including play dates, library visits, walks, and mommy classes– freelance work, paper work, and of course blogging. And for those of you who think a SAHM has plenty of time on her hands, you’ve been highly mistaken (or in denial). Read on my friends, read on.

It’s been a month and a half now and I like the routine of a schedule. Even though I don’t always stick to it, I’m getting a lot more done, and for the most part less stressed. Less stressed because I’m actually checking tasks off my list vs. worrying about when I’m going to have time to do them. Yes, I’m a stickler for a schedule, however I’m always adjusting it–even by the hour if I must. (See calendar screenshots below to see how much my weeks end up changing.*) Am I being too demanding of myself? Expecting that I can get this much done in one week? The simple answer. Yes. I’d rather push myself too hard than not hard enough. That way I ensure to get something done. And for me, something is better than nothing. And so far so good.

Weekly Schedule

Weekly Schedule

Here’s a screenshot of my planned schedule (using my beloved Google Calendars). You’ll notice how ambitious I am. But don’t think for one second I’m getting half of what is on the schedule accomplished. My guess is I’m actually doing about 40% of what I set out to do. I’m more than satisfied with 40%.

Mommy Class is something I’ve started but have a hard time keeping it up. It’s basically singing/music time. Currently we sing songs and play the drums. I hope to add more eventually but right now I’m having a hard time just getting them to sit and listen to me for more than 2 minutes.

Structured Play Time is an activity I’ve started. I try to bring out something new that we can do together. We might “draw” Valentines cards or actively play with a new toy together. These play times will get better and better as the kids get older and I can start to incorporate crafts, cooking, and games.

My cleaning time on Friday changes each week of the month to a different room so by the end of the month the entire house has been cleaned. This is the easiest time slot to ignore and unfortunately, I’m doing a great job ignoring it. I think I’ve only cleaned the master bedroom three times since the twins were born (please don’t write nasty comments). However, I’ve cleaned it and kids room, and organized our mess room since I’ve started the schedule. That’s something, right?

As for laundry, I try to split up the kids one day and ours another. That works pretty well most weeks considering I do 5-7 loads a week.

Adjusted Schedule

Adjusted Schedule

Here’s a screenshot of my adjusted schedule–what really happened that week. You can see how much I roll with the punches–or in this case naps. Plus, some days, I just don’t have it in me. Instead of doing something productive, I’ll just hang with the kids. Those days are actually kind of nice.

I add blog entries as “All Day” events as I see them fitting into our weeks. That way, I view them as daily tasks that live on the top of my calendar.

Obviously, there are doctor’s appointments, therapy for Ellisa, holidays, and such that get in our way of a daily schedule, but if there is one thing I’ve learned from our twins being born prematurely: You can plan for the future but don’t plan on your plan working. You must always stay pliable and adapt to what life throws your way.

And pliable I am. Day by day, hour by hour. And my plan is working 40% of the time.

*I don’t normally adjust my schedule as the Adjusted Schedule screenshot shows. This was solely done for presentation on the blog. But to be honest, I do sometimes go back a day or two and adjust naps times.

3 Responses to “My Optimistic vs. Realistic Weekly Schedule”
  1. corinna reyes mckoy says:

    You are a super woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Better yet, you are a super mommy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even though I have spent the past six months feeling like a chicken running around without its head, I have to agree that I LOVE ‘to do lists’ and schedules as well!! The checking off of items is affirming, and my lists are the only way I have survived the hectic nature of my ‘new’ job. Much love to you, the twins, and Charles!!

    PS: write a book, write a book, write a book, write a book

  2. I love having a schedule too, it helps me feel more accomplished even if I don’t get everything finished. I have lots of paperwork, crafts, songs and curriculum from my days of teaching at the Montessori school. I can bring that stuff over one day and we can plan out some little “lessons” for both sets of twins.
    Keep up the great work you are doing!

    • pforpeanuts says:

      I would love that! I actually need some help coming up with “classes” for such young ones. I don’t even know the words to “The Wheels on the Bus”!

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