Friday Fun Spot: Life Is A Highway

My mother and Grant sent Hudson a card-that-plays-music for Valentine’s Day. It’s a Disney Pixar Cars card with a Valentine’s message. When you open it up, it plays Life is a Highway. And as you can see from the video, our life at home is somewhat like a highway: full of fast turns, changing lanes, wrecks, disputes, and pure thrill.

Enjoy 4 minutes of a typical morning at the Purma household. All the good parts are called out below but the best is how much they dance to the music throughout the entire video.

BTW: If you can handle a constant and consistent song being played over and over, these cards are good entertainment for car rides. Those batteries eventually wear out, right?

17 secs: Hudson’s limp-like-a-zombie-dance
22 secs: Hudson falls in the background
36 secs: Ellisa almost falls from doing the herky-jerk
47 secs: Again with the herky-jerk
1:30 secs: Fight 1 over the card begins
2:16: Even one count of music gets Ellisa jerkin’
2:48: Destruction of the card
2:59: Hudson’s face of disappointment
3:07: Ellisa realizes her half of the card doesn’t play music
3:10: Fight 2: Snatch is at it again!
3:18: Listen carefully and you can hear Ellisa yelp right after she hears the singer yelp. You will notice Charles and I both hear her do this and begin to laugh.
3:30: Poor Hud looking at his broken half of the card. You can tell he’s a bit confused as to why it’s no longer working–hence shaking it. He even holds it up to me as if I can get it to work. Poor poor Hud.

4 Responses to “Friday Fun Spot: Life Is A Highway”
  1. carey.gooden says:

    Your babies LOVE to dance!
    You are having toooo much fun!

  2. What great entertainment! I love watching each of them realize the top half of the card isn’t the one that plays music. I know what kinds of cards I will be sending in the mail from now on.

  3. Joseph says:

    It has to be the first time in history anyone ever fought each other to hear “life is a highway.”

  4. Sarah says:

    SO HILARIOUS! That totally made my day!

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