Ellisa’s Nicknames

Nicknames come and go here almost weekly, however, here’s a list of the more frequently used nicknames for Ellisa since birth. These are in order of usage.

• Little Bit
• Snatch (Charles came up with this classy one. She’s a professional when stealing toys from Hudson so it’s fitting.)
• Liss-ah (This one seems to be a natural shortening of her name being used mostly by family.)
• Baby Lee-sa (A Martin Purma original)
• Elle (This is the nickname I wanted for her but didn’t seem to stick. I used it a lot her first 6 months but no one else did.)
• Baby Va Va Voom (This was used quite a bit when she first came home from NICU, not really sure how it came to be.)
• Baby Goodness
• Miss Smiles
• Shunty, Shunty Migel (You gotta have some fun, and this one’s poking fun at her hydrocephalus/VP Shunt.)
• Sissy/Sis (Hudson is just about to start calling her Sis but it hasn’t started quite yet.)

One Response to “Ellisa’s Nicknames”
  1. Aimee says:

    We named Addie’s shunt Liza… as in there’s a hole in the bucket, dear Liza, dear Liza. LOL “Gotta have some fun with it” – agreed!!

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