The Walsh & Purma Twins Reunite

The Walsh twins (Tom and Mary Jo) with the Purma Twins (Hudson and Ellisa)

The Walsh & Purma Twins, Feb. 2011

Fraternal twins run in my family–at least they do now. My dad has a fraternal twin sister, Mary Jo. Other than that, I’m unaware of any other twins until me. Yeah me!

My dad and Mary Jo were both born premature (it’s not clear how early but my grandmother thought around 4 weeks) and Hudson and my dad both weighed in at 4.11 lbs. while Ellisa and Mary Jo both weighed in close to 4.7 lbs. (I’m not absolute on Mary Jo’s weight but I know it was extremely close). Weirdness! Seems to me like nature intended this. I’ve been blessed to have twins and extra blessed that my dad and his twin sister spend time together to visit with my little peanuts.

– – – – – – – – – – – –

The Twins at 17 months with the Walsh Twins

The Walsh & Purma Twins, Feb. 2012

Last year Mary Jo came into town to see the peanuts for the first time and spend her 68th birthday with my father. It was great to have her see the babies before they got too big. We spent most of that visit cuddling and cooing over my 5 months old (3 months adjusted) peanuts.

Mary Jo brought me a special gift (see first image): a picture that was given to my grandmother, Rosemary Walsh, from her brother when her twins were born. The picture was hung at the top of the button-button (a Walsh insider) stairs in the old Prairie Village home. Funny how I spent hours on those stairs as a child and don’t remember seeing that picture. The top of those stairs were pitch black. I can remember looking up and being scared of what might be on the second floor dare I venture up. I never took that chance. That’s probably the reason I don’t remember the picture. Regardless, it’s a special gift–one I treasure–and it now sits on a shelf in the twins room along with my grandfather’s baby spoon (another gift from Mary Jo). Both gifts will hopefully go to the parents of the next set of twins.

– – – – – – – – – – – –

Thursday I was lucky enough to spend another birthday with my dad and Mary Jo to celebrate their 69th. And this time as a bonus, Mary Jo brought along my aunt Maureen! They came in Wednesday afternoon and hung out in Austin with me, my sister, and the twins until my father showed up. We all went out to dinner at Magnolia Cafe to catch up and fill our bellies. I was nervous going out to eat that late with the twins but to my surprise they were extremely well-behaved. Hudson and Ellisa were well-behaved too. After dinner I came home and put the kids to bed while everyone else went over to Courtney’s to see her place. After that, Mary Jo, Maureen, and Tom drove to Sun City, Georgetown for the rest of their stay.

Thursday morning I took the kids to Sun City to spend the next day and a half with the Walsh twins and Maureen. It was nice. We just hung out with the kids, had some lunch, went to San Gabriel Park (great playscape for young kids!), and best of all, went out to dinner for my dad and Mary Jo’s birthday at Wildfire. It felt wonderful to get away and spend an evening with just adults.

Friday morning we all did breakfast, hung out some more, had lunch, and then went to explore the Bocce courts with the peanuts before I headed back into Austin. Overall, it was great to see my Aunt Mary Jo and Maureen. I wish I could see them and the rest of my family more often. I miss my Walsh family back in KC. I’m just thankful I’ve gotten to see Mary Jo and Maureen. I hope they come visit every year for the Walsh twins birthday.

– – – – – – – – – – – –

Maybe someday I’ll live old enough to see one of my grandchildren have fraternal twins. If only I can be there when those twins meet Hudson and Ellisa for the first time. I’d give anything to have had one hour with my grandmother and my twins. What stories, laughter, and joy we could have shared. I wonder if Rosemary has been looking out for us, especially Ellisa, these first couple of years. Seems nearly impossible that she hasn’t.

4 Responses to “The Walsh & Purma Twins Reunite”
  1. I love Ellisa’s singing and signing pictures! That is adorable!

  2. Grandpa Tom says:

    Thanks for the great post Kenz. These are special times that will be truly savored for sure.
    Love the photos.

  3. Jane Bock says:

    Wow! Looks like a fun time had by all! Loved your twin stories and now realize how special it would’ve have been for my mom to meet the twins!! I’m sure she would have loved it!!

  4. Shellie says:

    Great post! It is really so great, for all of you, that you get to experience these visits. You are right, Grandma is surely watching and enjoying. She’d be very proud! Your little cuties are coined the “peanuts”, I wonder if Tom and Mary Jo had a similar coin? Happy 69th! Watch out 2013.

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