Friday Fun Spot: Hudson’s Custom Sign

We’ve been working on sign language for quite some time. At 16 months Hudson knows “more”, “again”, “please”, “all done”, “milk”, “motorcycle”, “down”, “up”, “help”, and “The Hud”.

The Hud? I was showing him butterfly one day and I realized that later that day he started doing what we now call The Hud. When thinking back, I realized, he was trying to do butterfly but couldn’t get his hands to twist quite right. The Hud was born. Now he does The Hud on command. If you ask him what butterfly is, he still does The Hud. Let’s be honest, butterfly is hard.

I haven’t been able to get a great video of him doing The Hud, but this is the best I’ve got. I love the cheesy music that I picked for this video and how it goes with his exit dance at the end.

One Response to “Friday Fun Spot: Hudson’s Custom Sign”
  1. Joseph says:

    Does he now think that butterflies all do the Hud?

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