Friday Fun Spot: Ellisa Can Fart!

If you’ve got a child, you know it can fart by day two of it’s life, but I was shocked when I asked Ellisa what a fart says and she actually responded. Her and Hudson will have “farting” wars all the time now, especially when driving, but I didn’t know she knew the word fart and the sound it makes. Who could she have possibly picked that up from? Enjoy!

If you pay close attention, the second time I ask Ellisa what a fart says, you can hear Hudson in the background answer. Aren’t twins great? Isn’t bathroom humor great?! Grandma Walsh is going to be mortified from this post. I love it!

3 Responses to “Friday Fun Spot: Ellisa Can Fart!”
  1. carey gooden says:

    Hi, MacKenzie!
    Lucy and I are enjoying Elyssa’s performance!
    She is coming along really well!
    We love that she knows that what she is doing is funny!
    carey & lucy

  2. Joseph says:

    Charles lives in your house and you wonder where the twins picked up fart noises from?

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