I’ve Written It Down. Now Stick!

One of the hardest things to figure out as a new mom of twins is when to go from two naps a day to one. I feel like my kids have messed with me since 11 months old on this issue. One day it’s we-definitely-need-two-naps. The next day is we-only-need-one. Oh let’s tease mom with one nap a day for three days straight and then go crazy for our morning nap on day 4. Or how about let’s sleep 1 hour in the morning and then give her a 20 minute afternoon break so she gets just enough time on her own to do NOTHING. Honestly, it’s been the biggest headache and impossible to plan activities based on their sleep cues per day. So with further adieu, if today is any indication of my future schedule, I figure if I write it down it MUST stick. I know, this probably won’t work, but I’m giving it a shot.

Today’s Perfect Schedule:

9:00: Wake up
9:00ā€“9:30: Breakfast
9:30ā€“10:30: Clean kitchen, check email, and get me and the kids ready for the day
10:30-12:30: Mommy Class/Structured Play Time (you’ll learn more about this later)
12:30ā€“1:00: Lunch
1:00-3:00: Nap
3:00-5:00: Walk and Play Time in the Park/Play Dates(snack in the middle)
5:00-5:30: Prepare Dinner
5:30-6:00: Dinner
6-6:30: Clean Up and Bath
6:30-7:30: Play Time and Ready for Bed
8:00: Bed

3 Responses to “I’ve Written It Down. Now Stick!”
  1. pforpeanuts says:

    I just reread this and have to add that surprisingly, my schedule is really close to the same. Differences include: Hudson usually naps from 1:30-2:30 (only one hour!), Ellisa’s napping is horribly different every day (on a good day she’s nap from 2:30-4), and bedtime is closer to 8:30. Both kids seems to sleep 11+ hours a night and nap 1-2 during the day so I’m not concerned. It’s just so hard getting them both on the same schedule. My gut says they just aren’t meant to be on the same schedule.

  2. It looks like a great schedule! Good luck.

  3. Katy Maurer says:

    What a fantastic schedule!!! I hope it sticks!!

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