The First Big Fall

Hudson has fallen before. He has fallen plenty. He has drawn blood numerous amounts of times. However, last Thursday was the day of all falls.

I’m not sure if I should celebrate it–with the hopes that a mom can have only one of these stories–or if I should slap myself for allowing it to happen. I lean towards the first, as I know there was nothing I could have done to prevent the fall other than have had only one baby at a time and NEVER let go of them. Ha! And you just can’t watch their every move ALL the time.

Here’s the story, in all its uneventfulness.

Me and the kiddos went to Zilker park for one of our semi-regular play dates. They have a huge playscape area. It’s really great. The only problem is having two babies running around like crazy. It’s nearly impossible to control them. And let’s be honest, these play areas are not baby-proofed.

We played successfully for awhile in the rocks, swings, sand, etc… then we discovered the bridge. Ya know, one of those kid’s bridges with the bars at least 10 inches apart. Safe, right? As both Hudson and Ellisa were walking across it, I grabbed Ellisa to hold her while I tried reaching out for Hudson’s hand and/or any baby in my way to make sure everyone was safe. There were a bunch of us on the bridge at once. Of course, next thing I know, I see Hudson falling.

It’s amazing how many things you can think of in a split second, but my first thought was, “We’re going to ER.” My second thought was, “Okay, that fall wasn’t that bad. He landed okay. How did he land on his head twice?” My third thought was, “What do I do with Ellisa while I comfort Hudson.” The thing is, you have to keep your composure. If Hudson was seriously injured, there wasn’t a thing I could do for him other than wait for the ambulance. Knowing his fall wasn’t that bad, I knew all I could do was comfort him–but not at the chance of putting down Ellisa and having her run off to injure herself too.

Thank goodness one of the moms I was with said she would watch Ellisa. Finally I had the chance to get to Hudson. It was probably less than a minute from when the accident happened, but it felt like he was down there, alone and crying, for quite a while.

Once I grabbed him, I knew he was fine. His cry was a scared vs. hurt one. I held him tight, walked him around the park–always keeping my eye on Ellisa–and cuddled him until he calmed down. It took under 5 minutes. Not bad really. Once I handed him his water and asked if he wanted a snack, he was back to normal. He was walking fine and his bumps on his head were nothing more than a few scrapes and red tenderness.

What bothered me the most about the fall was how I felt other moms were judging me. Not the twin moms I was with, as they know how hard it is to watch both kids at once, but the singelton moms. I could see one couple pointing and talking about how Hudson fell. Maybe they were saying, “She did all she could, accidents happen.” Or maybe they were scolding me, “I can’t believe that woman just let her boy fall like that and didn’t run to him right afterwards.” Regardless, it’s interesting that what bothered ME most, was how other people perceived me and my parenting.

What did I learn? 1) Babies are tuff, especially Hudson. 2) I am not a hysterical mom, maybe to a default. 3) You have to do what is best for BOTH twins at all times. 4) Most importantly, ANYTHING can happen within seconds–always be on guard.

Now if I can just hire two guards to accompany me to play dates, all would be well.

Hudson's Bruises

Hudson's Bruises

3 Responses to “The First Big Fall”
  1. carey goodem says:

    Rule #1:
    Keep calm & carry on!
    Rule #2:
    (Repeat slowly)
    One thing at a time.
    Rule #3:
    Forget the singletons.

  2. Joseph says:

    You sound like Megan! She always puts thoughts into other people’s minds and they are always judgmental thoughts. I tell her that if she really thought about how often she thinks about other people, she would realize most people are too selfish to exert the time and energy to think about others. I am sure the other couples were just wondering if Hudson was OK. We have all had moments where we second guessed ourselves on what we did. My own self-perceived mistakes are the first thing I think about when I see someone else having trouble. Besides, Hudson looks tougher now with some battle wounds!

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